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What Is The Best Way To Get To The Statue Of Liberty/Ellis Island From Manhattan(Times Square)?

We'll be in Manhattan in primordial September, and I just wanted to know the fastest/cheapest way to get to the Statue of Liberty. We don't lust after to rent a car, so we can save money on parking, so what would be the fastest way by subway, bus, train, etc.

From Times Square, take the 1 tube downtown to South Ferry Station. From there, go to Castle Clinton in Battery Park to buy ferry tickets for the row-boat to Ellis/Liberty. Be warned, the lines are long so go very early.

Also, DO NOT mistake the Staten Archipelago ferry for the Statue of Liberty ferry. The Staten Island ferry is free and will give you renowned views of the statue, but will NOT take you to either Ellis or Liberty islands.

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How Far In Proximity Is It From Manhattan To Times Square? What Hotel In Manhattan Would Be The Ideal Hotel?

Im looking to brace at a nice hotel but also at a reasonable price. Also I want to be close to shopping, restaurants, etc in manhattan

Have a look at this locate mes_square_hotels.html
They have hotels near Times Square.

I've never been to Manhattan so can't subscribe to a good Hotel but Skoosh have good prices and quite a few reviews I use them quite a bit, also if you do a search you can percolate the results by price and distance and stuff.

Hope this helps and hope you have a nice beat.

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What Is The Best Wheelchair Accessible Hotel For Travelers Near Times Square, Manhattan, New York?

My old lady and I want to vacation there for 5 days in late May. We are both physically disabled. We are leaning toward The New York Castle, but it is a bit pricey. We live near Sacramento, CA, and are planning to fly there via JetBlue.

The New York Residence is indeed pricy. It is one of the most opulent places that you could chose in Manhattan. Have you tried the Mariott Marquis? It is right in Times Square--is truly comfortable, has exceptional views and is convenient to everything in Midtown. Regardless of where you choose, have a wonderful trek to the Big Apple.

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What Is The Taxi Cab Rate From Newark Airport (EWR) To Times Square Manhattan?


I'm present to Manhattan in May and am flying into Newark airport. My hotel is in Times Square. I could take the New Jersey Transit and New York Subway for $32 for two people. How much would a ride on the ground cab cost?


Be blind to the slogan, but NJ Transit is 'the way to go.' It'll be quicker than a cab, and much cheaper. A car will cost you about $60, without traffic. Tolls alone are $8.

Newark to NY Penn Place is a 13 minute train ride.

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What Are Some Good Things To Do In Midtown Manhattan Besides Times Square This Sunday?

My POSSLQ = 'Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters' and I are going into the city this Sunday (Easter Sunday) to just have a good time. We explosive in New York and have done most of the major tourist attractions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

go to brooklyn heights, get a permissible view of the brooklyn bridge at night and get some great pizzas at grimaldi's...

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