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Wheres A Loft I Can Rent In East Manhattan For A Party?

not to extravagant around $1000 or less, its for my sweet sixteen and i need help. Preferably by central park but any part of east manhattan is excellent.

He is correctly u are not gonna find it specially cause it will be for a party

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What Bus Can I Get To The Queens Center Mall From East Side Manhattan. 34th Street?

I desire to go to the Queens Center Mall from Manhattan by bus (either local or express)...which one do i get from east 34th street?


By $5 convey bus, QM10 and QM15 provide service near Queens Center Mall.
By local bus, you need to take Q32 bus to Queens Blvd stops, then conveyance to Q60 Local to get to Woodhaven Blvd.
You may also take Q32 to 74th St, where you could catch Q53 LTD as well.
During the rush hour weekday 3rd Av and 6th Av is MAJOR Above HEADACHE.

Instead of using bus, why not use subway? It's faster at same local bus price.
From 33rd St near Greens Av, take uptown (6) to 51st for Queens-bound V or 59th St for Queens-bound R to Woodhaven Blvd.

Close to 5th Av, take Queens-bound R or V from 34th St-Herald Sq to Woodhaven Blvd.

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Does Anyone Know Where I Could Find A Loft To Rent In East Manhattan For A Party?

im throwing a pretty 16 but i want it to be more of a house party. Im looking for a loft to rent for one night for $1000 or less, not to precious. If possiable by central park or on the east side.


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Whats The Best Time To Drive Back From East Side Of Manhattan On A Sunday After 2pm Towards New HAven CT ?

i am upsetting to figure out the time that roads are more quiet on a sunday afternoon or evening so the drive back will be more conditions saving. ( from upper east manhattan to new haven,ct)

Thank you in advance

You are prospering to hit some traffic for sure around the bridges, but you should check out the page for the route from Manhattan to New Haven. You can click on "above" at the top right of the webpage to see what conditions are like at the time(s) on Sunday that you want to go.

Fit and safe travels!

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Is The Upper 90's On The East Side Of Manhattan A Safe Neighborhood?

Is the loftier 90's on the east side of Manhattan a safe neighborhood? I'm looking at renting a room up there for only 550 a month and was wondering it its a whole area for a white male.

OF By all means IT OKAY until East 96th St. Anywhere below East 96th St is OK, however above East 96th St, which is called Spanish Harlem El Barrio is not very good area.

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