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What Is The Cheapest Hotel In Manhattan?

I destitution a hotel room for about 10 days starting Sept. 8th or 9th. The only lthing I require is that the hotel is on the island of Manhattan, below 72nd st, reasonably unarmed and reasonable safe. Other than that, I'm looking for the lowest rates possible. Any suggestions anyone?

I check at Hotel's only 139.00 per night during week days...on 34th & 8th across from Penn Stattion/ also provide a kind landmark in case you get lost too !

book it thru (best price I have seen thus far)

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How Far In Proximity Is It From Manhattan To Times Square? What Hotel In Manhattan Would Be The Ideal Hotel?

Im looking to buttress at a nice hotel but also at a reasonable price. Also I want to be close to shopping, restaurants, etc in manhattan

Have a look at this place mes_square_hotels.html
They have hotels not far off Times Square.

I've never been to Manhattan so can't recommend a good Hotel but Skoosh have good prices and quite a few reviews I use them unreservedly a bit, also if you do a search you can filter the results by price and distance and stuff.

Hope this helps and assumption you have a nice time.

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What Is The Best Hotel In Manhattan New York?

Regardless of the evaluate because we can afford any hotel we want. I just want to know which one is the best in Manhattan with views and everything.

The Mandarin Oriental

The St Regis operty/overview/needle.html?propertyID=81

The Penninsula

The Four Seasons

The Ritz-Carlton /CentralPark/Non-fulfilment.htm

The Plaza Athenee

The Waldorf Towers

Please note that Le Parker Meridian has no-where next to the luxury of the other hotels mentioned here. It's a fine, clean place, but it is not one of New York's best hotels. (Restaurant Norma's serves the richest breakfast)

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My Mom And I Are In Desperate Need Of A Nice But Decently Priced Hotel In Manhattan?

for 2 days. we've tried all the hotel carton deal sites and compared them to the room rates on the actual hotel website and we're really not getting a eulogistic deal. whats the best way to go about getting reasonably priced hotels in manhattan? should we 86 the wanderings websites and go through a travel agency?

Cassie suggested in every respect what I was going to. call the hotels directly and speak to an agent and see if they can help you directly. If you belong to any associations they might be qualified to discount or if it is an off time, they might be able to discount. Don't call the 800 numbers for chains, try to get the direct edition for the hotel in Manhattan.

edit: I just remembered... call the Hotel Larchmont. It is in Greenwich Village. Very decently priced but books quick.. Only downside, is depending on the room you may have to share a common bathroom but if that doesn't discomfit you (can't remember if they have private bathrooms too) than this is a great option.

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What Is A Good Affordable Hotel In Manhattan New York?

Me and one of my friends are looking for a miserly affordable but nice hotel in Manhattan new york, preferably 3 star. We are looking for a hotel around 600 dollars or so for 6 nights? can anyone succour

My bedfellow, may I recommend the link below.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

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