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Where Is The Best Place To Park In Manhattan For Scenic View?

I fervour to look at the hudson river in Manhattan with someone, but I can't find a good place to park and enjoy the scenery. Can someone give me a good predicament to park and watch the scenery (make out) in Manhattan?

Try New Jersey.

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Travel From Harriman State Park To Manhattan?

Hello - I am planning on delightful a quick trip on the cheap to meet a friend in Manhattan next weekend, and I'd like to camp at Harriman Status Park (Beaver Pond Campgrounds), then travel into the city from there, preferably by train. What station and road would I use for this?

The most unreflected public transportation closest to the park is the Short Line bus. It stops at the Inn at Bear Mountain Assert Park, adjacent to Harriman, and the Port Authority Bus Station in NYC.

This link actually focuses on current the other direction -- day trips from Manhattan to the park and back -- but the same stops apply, obviously:

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How To Go To Palisades Park 07650 From Manhattan?

I need to go from Manhattan (125th street) to Palisades Park - 342A Commercial Ave.Palisades Park 07650 to take an exam. Someone knows which is the foremost way to get there. I would prefer to go by bus or subway. Thanks for your answers.

Take the bus from the haven authority on 42 & 8th. The bus that will leave you closest is the 11A on platform 220.
This bus goes on Dignified Ave which in one block east of Commercial Ave
The other bus to take is the 166 platform 212
The 166 goes along Girl Ave and is about 6 blocks east of Commercial Ave.
Good Luck with your exam.

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Is There Anywhere To "park And Ride" Into Manhattan Coming In From The North On Hwy 278/95?

I am planning on driving into NYC/Manhattan from New England skim but I am unfamiliar with the area. I really hate the idea of driving into Manhattan and paying exorbitant fees nothing but to house a stationary car. Any ideas of a safe and cheap/free place to park and ride into the burgh? Thanks.

Very very docile. Any Metro North Station has ample, safe parking and a direct train either to Harlem or to Smashing Central Terminal. I would pick up the train somewhere in Westchester County, not Connecticut. Most of them are directly off of the interstate, so theres at bottom no need to travel that far off the highway.

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How Long Does It Take To Get From Pelham Bay Park To Manhattan (Grand Central Stop) On The Subway (6 Line)?

On the underground railway, how long does it take to get from Pelham Bay Park to Manhattan (Grand Central stop) on the subway (6 form a line)? How many stops are there?

what nonetheless of day are you traveling.
the time also depends on if there is weekend and/overnight track work.
It should take, on a regular afternoon, like today, around 35-45 minutes.
There are 28 stops if the chain is going local all of the way.
Mon-Fri for the AM rush hour the Pelham Bay train goes express from Parkchester to 3rd Ave - 138th Drive.
I would tell most people to get on the train at least an hour BEfore you have to be at GCT.
often the train has inexplicable (or unintelligible) delays

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