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Is There Anyone Who Works For Manhattan Associates?

If so, can you please give me some more word about the company and the Associate Implementation Consultant role.

Well-founded call them and ask

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Associates Degree College Manhattan With A Dorm. NYC?

hello, i be in Manhattan and I'm looking for a good collage that will offer me an associates degree so i can transfer, also I'm looking for one that offers schoolboy housing. preferably downtown but it dosent realy matter. Thank You,


Need The Name Of A Great Oncologist In Manhattan, Preferably Associated With Columbia Pres Or NYU?

Shopper diagnosed with brain cancer. Not sure the stage, but apparently can treat with radiation.

Well first off if you are already in the NYC limit you should really pursue treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Their physicians are remarkable and known for having amazing treatment programs. Radiation might be all that is required but there would be the place to get the vanquish info. They are tops in the world of oncology and having an amazing brain cancer center! Log in investigate them out. My guess is any of the oncologist currently accepting patients from their facility would be good.

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I Am Trying To Find A Beautician/cosmetology School In Manhattan That Also Offers An Associates Degree With It?

Cosmetology is a certificate program. It doesn't proffer associates degree...or any type of degree. Cos. is only a year, and it takes 2 years to get a associates degree.

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All Of The Following Were Associated With The Manhattan Project Except: US HISTORY HELP?

All of the following were associated with the Manhattan Transmit except:


A) (a) Germany was thought to be well along on a nuclear bomb
B) (b) all atomic secrets and information were closely loth
C) (c) the first atomic bomb was exploded in Japan
D) (d) Albert Einstein advised in favor of developing a bomb
E) (e) three bombs produced by 1945

quite D, Einstein was against the idea of using his ideas to create bombs for the use of destruction

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