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Manhattan Project?

What efforts were made to keep the Manhattan Project a clandestinely???

In the construction of the bomb, did the main scientist and the general have different views?

All kinds... The project was esoteric in the middle of nowehere (Los Alamos, New Mexico). Key civilian players traveled there under affected names; some were given several aliases. Arthur Compton, for example, was to call himself Comstock while traveling West and Comas while traveling East.

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I Heard That During The Manhattan Project That Einstein Made A Navel Destroyer Dissappear?

is this steadfast, one, and two, why is it that the school systems dont reconize edisons envolvement in the manhattan project. Many of the books i read say that einstein was a big player in the manhattan project, why is it that soo many say differently.

First, it wasn't during the Manhattan project that this allegedly happend. It happend after Einstein died apperently. The record goes that scientists used Einsteins uncompleted grand unified theory and made the cart leave travel in time (and by Einstein through space). So they teleported the ship. However, there is no evidence of such work ever occuring. The other factor is that Einstein did write a letter to Rosevelt urging him to support the crystallization of the A bomb. Later Einstein said he could burn his fingers for writing the letter. The other quality is that Einstein was never involved beyond that level in the Manhattan project

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What Was The Significance Of The Manhattan Project To Society?

Can anybody please recount me what was the significance of the Manhattan Project to society?

Thanks!! Please go into detail!!

Developed a weapon that:
1) killed a team a few hundred thousand people
2) ended the war early, thereby saving a couple hundred thousand people per month it might have otherwise continued
3) maintained an uneasy non-belligerent between the superpowers for 50 years

Layed the framework for atomic energy

Like any big sphere project, I'm sure it had secondary technological spinoffs--advances in metallurgy and mechanical computing among others.

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Gasoline Prices: Why Not Start A "Manhattan Project" To Find Alternatives To Gasoline Fired Engine?

"Manhattan project" to enlarge on alternatives to gasoline engine: get scientists, engineers, inventors together in one place with necessary funds and resources. Either privately funded (Gates, Murdoch, Trump, Buffett?), or domination funded.

The percipience we are still using gasoline is not as nepharious as some like to think.

First of all, gasoline provides more energy per gallon of encourage than just about any other substance around.

Electric cars still essentially use fossuil fuel, and not as efficiently!! If all the cars in use today were tense, and we all plugged them in to recharge each day, the power grid would collapse almost immediately. We don't have enough generating stations. And if we did, most still overcook coal, oil or natural gas. On top of that, only about 60% of the electrical energy produced by a plant reaches the alcohol, the rest is eaten up as copper loss trying to move it around the grid!

Also, the infrastructure to transport gasoline and produce it to users was developed and perfected over many years. It is easy to transport and deliver.

Gasoline provides and efficent method of storing drive in a easily deliverd way. Problem is, there really is not many better ways to provide transportation, wee of eliminating personal vehicles and builing more and better public transportation.

Even ethanol has issues. Raises toll of corn and is not easily tranported via pipelines.

If a better energy source was discovered, big occupation would be all over it trying to produce it and make money from it, not bury it away!

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What Was The Importance Of The Manhattan Project?

I'm searching for a issue for my reseach paper for US history and im leaning towards this but i want to know more about it
Was there a controversy or impact that the surrounded the manhattan project?

In your impossible you say, "...for my research paper." The key word is 'research.' Do the investigation! You expecting a long diatribe on YA about the Manhattan Project?

LOOK IT UP! Do the work!

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The Moment in Time: The Manhattan Project

The Stage in Time documents the uncertain days of the beginning of World War II when it was feared the Nazis were developing the atomic batter. The ...

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