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How Can I Get From Long Island Airport To Manhattan? Rental? Help! 10 Pts!?

In April, I will be flying into Macarthur Airport in Extended Island. However, I need to get to Manhattan where I'll be staying and seeing a show. I'm on a bit of a budget, and don't want to spend too much on a cab or rental or something. But I will if I have to. What's the easiest, least costly way of getting there and back?

Thanks for any help. I'm a bit strayed, and 10 points will go to the best answer.

okay well i subsist right near the macarther airport, once you get out of the airport you turn right, go straight and move right again (very easy) and keep going straight and you'll be at the train station where a train comes at least every hour prevalent to penn station in manhatten, so if you call a taxi from the airport i dont know the exact quotation but it shouldnt be expensive at all, i've walked the distance of the airport&train station before and its really not alot at all. and i conceive of train tickets are like 8 dollars each way? im not positive tho, you could always call. but the cheapest thing would deffinetly be a cab and the train. and coming home would be the same, the train station has a million taxis allready there waiting so you wouldnt have to call one and their not up-market.. hope this helped :]

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Where Can I Find A Vacation Rental In Manhattan?

I'm succeeding to be in Manhattan for about a week and would like to rent a short-term apartment instead of a hotel. Any suggestions of a benevolent place to look?


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Where Can I Get A Short Term Rental In Manhattan For About 4 Months?

I'm looking for a studio or one-bedroom.

Check a depart out or

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If I Want To Return A Rental Car In Manhattan, Am I Going To Have To Pay A Toll To Drive Into The City?

If so, how much? I am coming from Connecticut. I crave to know if it would be cheaper to return the car to LaGuardia aiport and then cab it into the city or to drive the car into the city and renewal it there.

A taxi-cub from LaGuardia to Manhattan (20-30 minutes) will cost you $22-30 plus tolls & tip -- or more if it's during go like a bat out of hell hour.

Definitely return the rental car in the city.

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How Long Will It Take To See Some Income If I Started Real Estate Now? Particularly Doing Manhattan Rentals?

I'm about to take a rank and wanted to going into real estate. I was wondering how long will it take for me to get some type of income. Targeting Manhattan (NYC) Rentals for now.

Go geters always do extensive in no matter what, so if your a go geter the answer lays in your own ability.
Some concerns I would have for you is if you are having to worry about profits, ie; paying bills, living expenses, then have on hand at least 6-12 months of reserves. The legitimate estate Business is very competitive and seems like everyone has a brother, sister, or a friend that is an established legate. Real Estate needs good agents so if this is where your heart is, then go for it. Just be prepared in the economic area. Good luck.

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