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How Long Will It Take For My Backpack To Arrive From Manhattan To California?

Yesterday I knew I had to get a new backpack before coach starts on the 11th of this September. So last night I ordered a backpack off of eBay, my Dad told me they shipped the backpack from Manhatten, NY to Los Angeles, CA today. My Mom estimated that the backpack would awaken in about 5-6 days. I really need this backpack before school starts. How long will it perhaps take?

It depends on the mending the seller used in sending the item. If it was sent by normal post, you mom is correct. It should take 5 to 6 house days to reach you. You could always ask the seller if he or she has a tracking number and then you could see where you package is located.

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How Long Would A Small Plane Trip From Long Beach, California, To Manhattan, New York Be?

If you scram California at 1:30pm, via small plane, at what time will you get to New York?

You should get there by 8 PM.

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How Much Is A No Left Turn Ticket From 3pm Till 7pm In Manhattan Beach California With Court Fees And All?


Is Manhattan Beach In Long Beach, California A Family Beach For Spring Break?

Our kinfolk is planning to go to Manhattan Beach for spring break. So, i was wondering if it was a family beach.

Manhattan shore, long beach, santa monica beach and huntington beach , newport coast all are good for family.

You can see the beach pictures in

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What's The Difference Between A California Roll And Manhattan Roll?

I see the argument in looks...also does it taste the same?

California: cucumber, crab crux or imitation crab stick, and avocado.

Manhattan: Tuna on top w. Cucumber & Avocado Inside

Tastes soul different.

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