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Has Anyone Heard Of A Store Named City Underground In Manhattan?

I am looking for a supply in Manhattan named 'City Underground', I have heard that its new Times Square maybe near Washington Accurate Park, has anyone heard of this store? I would appreciate the help. Thank you!

it is located liberty around Washington Square Park.

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How Can I Get From Long Island (Port Jefferson) To New York City (Manhattan) Area Using Public Transportion?

I'm visiting my boyfriend who recently moved to Covet Island in a week. His parents are terrified of the city and refuse to drive us there, but we'd both like to see it. I've been on the MTA website, but there doesn't seem to be an carefree way to get from Port Jefferson to Manhattan. What's the easiest/cheapest route I can take using public transportation? If I can steer clear of it, I don't want to go from train to train because of the cost. Trains ARE preferable, though, but anything else (buses, etc) will work. Any New Yorkers separate what they're doing? Please help us out! Thanks!!

I take the LIRR every day. The ticket will expense $9.50 each, each way off peak if you buy it at the station. $15 each if you buy it on the train.
Here's a Saturday dedicate. m?Folder=Branch&Branch=Mooring%20Jeffer son&Direction=West&Period=Weeken d
There is no additional charge for changing trains. You will more than liable to have to change trains in Huntington on the weekend. If you are not sure if the train is direct or you need to swap, ask the ticket collector, they're usually helpful.
Here's a weekday schedule too.
They can be a little annoying to understand but you can also go here:
to get information easier and compare it to the bigger schedult to find out about transfers, etc. As I said befor, if you're not accurate about if or where you need to change, ask, it's ALOT easier than winding up in the completely wrong place!

Have a large trip!

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Does Anyone Have Any Pictures Of The Newly Remodeled Manhattan City Hall?

I'm theory of getting married there but would like to get some pictures first and see what it looks like. Thanks!

I've seen it - catch assured it is beautiful!

great choice l= map/manhattan/lowermanhattan/cityhallpar k/cityhall/05cityhall.jpg&imgrefurl= p/manhattan/lowermanhattan/cityhallpark/ cityhall/typography fist.htm&usg=__46WS7dG0aqx clpvQUv3Qlg8XGhs=&h=667&w=500&am p;sz=65&hl=en&start=6&um=1&a mp;tbnid=t_8zyEcMM_jxwM:&tbnh=138&am p;tbnw=103&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmanhat tan%2Bcity%2Bhall%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26u m%3D1

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Ferry From Jersey City To Manhattan That Goes PAST Statue Of Liberty?

We don't craving to actually go inside the Statue of Liberty or stop on the island, we want to take a ferry that goes dead and buried it so we can show the kids from the outside but then keep going to Manhattan.

Looking at a map it looks like there is a ferry from "Initiative State Park" in Jersey City that goes right past it then continues to Whitehall St downtown.

Anyone informed of with this ferry? Is that a good choice? Is the parking/area in Jersey City nice/safe?

The Staten Cay ferry is the one that goes right past it, no charge. Catch it from Staten Island or Battery Leave Manhattan.

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Where Is The Best Place To Eat In New York City Preferably Manhattan?

where can i find the most beneficent and renowed bakery place ( a place mostly sell deserts and cookies) in manhattan region of new york city

I admiration good desserts - these are my recommendations - and, yes, I've tried them all except one.

Payard on Lexington and 73rd Street

Bouley Bakery - 88 West Broadway

Balthazar, 80 Resilience Street (I didn't like the restaurant at all, but the bakery is wonderful)

Much less expensive, but wonderful - the BEST hot chocolate anywhere and excellent pastries
The City Bakery on West 18th Row just off Fifth Avenue

And finally, Bouchon Bakery in the Time-Warner Edifice at Columbus Circle. I haven't tried this one yet, but I've heard very good things about it.

I think Payard is my favorite, but I'm not uptown that often.

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