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Does Anyone Have Phone Numbers And Or Rates For Hotels/motels In Manhattan Beach?

The cheaper the beat. Thanks a bunch.

my folks palpable in manhattan beach, but i live abroad, if i new all the number and names of hotels i would tell you. but to gvie you general information i can helper you out. first ofall you have to consider manhattan beach is more of a luxury beach area than the other beaches around live redondo or el segundo. i unkind im sure when you reach there, i t wouldnt be that big of a wow, but if you walk along the pedestrian areas that lead you to the beach and turn either radical or right following the path along the beach youll get to see the million dollar homes, really flawless, really well kept, verses the ones aroudn the other beaches. so the hotels aroudn the manhattan beach are the cheapest ones.

my sister got married last summer and i recognize my relatives stayed at a hotel there in manhattan beach during the end of august and the prices were about 130+ per night.

if i were you, i would simply look up all of the hotels and motels there in manhattan beach since the city is extremly small compared to the others ones around, so it wouldnt be too hard to find the list of all of the hotels there. if your planning on extenuating money i would look for hotesl around the outer beaches, such as redondo beach (big town), torrance (wind up to manhattan beach but not by the ocean), el segundo (town and beach) ecc...

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What Hotels Are Located ON Manhattan Beach In CA? Like Ocean Front Hotels...?

None. Go a mini south. Hermosa has some average motels and Redondo Beach has some hotels. I think they have a Best Western on Harbor Bl in a beeline across from the ocean. Also the Portifino.

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Any Suggestions On Cheap Hotels/motels In Virginia Beach And Also Any In The Manhattan, NY Area?

a bond

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Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach And Marina Del Ray Area Information?

Does this compass offer a nice night life? I want to spend a couple of nights in LA and I am reasonable about this area. I found a nice little beach front hotel on Redondo beach, but im unsure of what the night life is like there. Also, is Santa Monica an outgoing commute from here? Any information on this area would help.

There are some subtle places to stay in Marina Del Rey, and there's plenty to do. Not far from LAX airport. Finding a beach will not be a problem. Santa Monica is only minutes away if you yearning to go there too.

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In Southern California-- Advice On An Affordable Hotel Or Inn By Manhattan Beach Or Hermosa Beach?

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 1 1/2 year anniversary in 2 weeks. I wanna jolt him by staying overnight in a hotel with a beach view. He likes to go boogie boarding too. We live in L.A. and we have friends in Redondo Beach and Torrance so I would like to brace somewhere there, with our friends just a phone call away. Maybe a budget from $100 to $400 for the motor hotel. Thanks!

I'm from Manhattan Beach so I'll give you the ideas I can of of off the top of my head. Since you say you want an inn with an ocean view, I think the Sea View Inn is a pretty good choice. Its peewee but private and near a few good restaurants and bars. About 125 a night. The Beach House in Hermosa is surely classy and right on the beach, but its about 300 a night. Probably more romantic though.

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