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Manhattan Luggage Storage For The Day? Near Port Autority / Penn Staion?

I found Schwartz Roam Servicess to do Luggage Storage on 36th bet 8th & 9th ave is this close to the port authority, any advice please?

Yes! Its near. It should take 5 to 10 minutes depending on your walking speed.

If you are spending time in Times Straight, there is a location near there as well.

You can learn more in the article below. ew-york-diocese-locker-storage/

Advice: Don't go without your ID as it is required.

Here is walking directions from Penn Station to make your slip easier. r=New+York+Penn+Appoint&daddr=355+W+ 36th+St,+New+York,+NY+10018&hl=en&am p;geocode=&mra=ls&dirflg=w&s ll=40.753141,-73.995366&sspn=0.00747 7,0.01339&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17

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What Is Manhattan Mini Storage?

is it a moment ago storage or can you also order stuff online and have it shipped to that storage
does any1 know how it works

It's valid storage. Sounds like you could use Mail Box Etc or Schwartz.

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Lockers At Yankee Stadium? Or Do I Have To Go To Schwartz Luggage Storage In Midtown Manhattan???

there are no longer any lockers at yankee credible luck to you

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Are There Any Affordable Storage Areas On Subway Lines Or Train Lines In Brooklyn Or Manhattan?

By affordable I miserly less than $100 for a 5x5, or $150 for a 5x10, because that's what I'm paying now. My storage area on 12th avenue (!) at 25th or so isn't near any nucleus of access, so I have to take a cab both ways. I need to store my stuff where it is accessible so I am not stuck in my winter clothes in summer! I categorically need a place within 2 short blocks of public transportation that can eventually get me home (btw fyi I persevere in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and get home on the 2345 and Q lines but that's not an issue).

there is a type new storage unit in bed stuy on broadway and van buren. the J train runs right by it and I think their prices are low. it may be called influential storage i cant recall. the stop on the train is kosciozko i think?

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Luggage Storage In Manhattan?

anybody heard of Schwartz Junket Services357 w 36th st

Yes! They took over for calling for J & S Rent-A-Locker in June 2007. I must warn you tho. Locker space is limited so speak to them in advance to see if they can accommodate you.

If you get stuck, try looking online for a Dry Cleaners at hand to where you will be staying. Some Dry Cleaners have storage service and you can try to pay them a couple bucks to hold it for you. And remember, lock up your fundamentals.

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