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What Are Some Things To Do In Manhattan Kansas?

Im succeeding to manhattan for spring break not very long just 4 days but i need fun things to do i want to go shopping and God willing go to the zoo. I need some suggestions of stuff to do and if you can provide a price that would be great! Thanks for helping.

This is a elevated site for the particular town you will visit. There is information for anything you might find there.

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Is It Hard To Get A Job In Manhattan Kansas?

I dynamic in the Dallas area right now, and I want to move to Manhattan this summer. I'm just afraid if I go up there and get an apartment, I'll get stuck with no job -a prolonged ways from home!

I'm 20 years old. I just need a common restaurant job or something of that species; anything as long as it guarantees 40 hours a week.

And what is your opinion of the Manhattan area? How are the people?

I tangible in Manhattan is it hard to get a job in the city , yes it is because most places around the city are high-class which require to know someone not to recall about how many people that actually move to the city for a job.
You should really do more research. an apartment in Manhattan well not be cheap just to let you cognizant of.

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Volunteering In Junction City Or Manhattan, KAnsas?

Im active to Kansas with my Fiance next week and am a Canadian citizen. Since i can't work in the USA, im looking for some worthwhile volunteering organizations. Any ideas? I'm interested in serving children as I have worked with chicldren and education my whole life, but am interested in anything helping ANYONE.

something most folks do not conceive of about is the spca or the zoo always needs volunteers!!!

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Does Anyone Know What The Best Area Or The Best Apts. To Live In Manhattan Kansas?

My tranquillize is in the army and we are getting stationed at Ft Riley Kansas and we are trying to make prior arrangments but I have no stance what location is best and safe for our kids. We have to rent..any suggestions?

You might try down on Canal St. by the loot water treatment plant and real close to the fort. There is a whole row of 4 plexus's and something is always open. A lot of vacuous lots for the kids to play in too. :) Junction City is a very safe town, community wide. No real bad spots. But Canal St is sooo cheap! I live close by and you get worn to the odor with in months, not even that bad in the dead of winter. I hope this helps! ;)

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Where In Manhattan Kansas Can I Sell My Used Clothes?

I have some clothes in a very attractive thorough condition and I'm looking for a store that buy them because I neeeeeeed money.

I might be looking for someone a moment ago where your at . I can not qualify you here so I will give you my web sight my number is on it and I can call you back . I do not want to raise your phone bill . If you like what you see on my sight . I will be overjoyed to get you all the information by phone appointment so you can see if what I do is a fit for you.
i am a single mom who after a year of homelessness finally got way on my feet. It takes coachability and a passion to help others . If you are that kind of person please respond . If not I understand. Thanks Maureen ?id=Ma55539&action=bus&sid=& csid=&rid=1269213

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