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What Is A Good Affordable Hotel In Manhattan New York?

Me and one of my friends are looking for a below cost affordable but nice hotel in Manhattan new york, preferably 3 star. We are looking for a hotel around 600 dollars or so for 6 nights? can anyone keep from

My consociate, may I recommend the link below.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

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Is There Any Cheap Motel/hotel In Manhattan New York Where I Can Take My G/f And Stay For 1/2 Hours Without An

Is there any sale-priced motel/hotel in manhattan new york where i can take my g/f and stay for 1/2 hours without any idetity
check ?

St Distinguish oneself's Hotel
(212) 674-0100
2 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003
Cross Streets: Near the intersection of St Marks Pl and 3rd Ave
The hotel is 2 minutes walk to the 4,5,6

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What Is The Best Hotel In Manhattan New York?

Regardless of the value because we can afford any hotel we want. I just want to know which one is the best in Manhattan with views and everything.

The Mandarin Oriental

The St Regis operty/overview/ratio.html?propertyID=81

The Penninsula

The Four Seasons

The Ritz-Carlton /CentralPark/Fail.htm

The Plaza Athenee

The Waldorf Towers

Please note that Le Parker Meridian has no-where parsimonious the luxury of the other hotels mentioned here. It's a fine, clean place, but it is not one of New York's best hotels. (Restaurant Norma's serves the best clothes breakfast)

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Looking For Hotel New York Manhattan?

Hello there I'm looking for a website which tells me the hotels nearest New York Manhattan. Can you assistant me? Thanks in advance.

Hi Aunt P. This is the pre-eminent hotel search engine I ever used. It finds the hotels nearest to a certain address. Decent fill the form with New York, Manhattan. Anyway the page you're looking for, is already made and is this one n-hotel-accomodation.php

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What Is A Fun, Hip Hotel In Manhattan, New York To Stay Near Central Park And Shopping?

Well a Non-Standard real cool hotel is "The W" there are three in Manhattan. Times Square "W" is closest to median park. Check out the link below. It is not cheap, but it is really hip and modern. I don't know if you are familiar with the "W" hotels, but they are upscale hotels that are part of the Sheretons and the "W" stands for "Whatever...Whenever"

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