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What Are Affordable But Still Good Hotels In Manhattan?

I'm planning a lapsus linguae to Manhattan, and I can't spend too much, so I'm looking for good hotels that are also affordable. Thanks.

More northerly west side, go to or yahoo and refine your search to this area. but make sure a bathroom comes with a allowance, a lot of the cheaper hotels are shared b-rooms, yuck!!!! This area is cool cuz u still in manhattan n to get to midtown, its like 10 minutes by underground railway...a lot to do in this area too but nothing like mid or downtown....

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What Are Some Decent Inexpensive Hotels In Manhattan?

I'm looking to deferral in or around Manhattan NY and would like to know what are some great but inexpensive hotels to stay at. Doesn't have to be 5 star but something clean and contented. Any help would be appreciated.

Why not stop at one of the hotels offered by the NY Inns Hotel Group (see link, below).

They have three very nice hotels right in Manhattan, in the Murray Hill (approaching Times Square), Union Square (near the East and West Village) and Capitals West Side (near Lincoln Center and Central Park) neighborhoods, and the rooms are cordial, the service is good, and they're affordable, too!

Check out the link below to see their webpage, and, no, I don't work for them or anything like that, I'm upright a fan.

Good luck, and welcome to the Big Apple!!

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Are There Any Extended Stay Hotels In Manhattan?

I miss to find a hotel with kitchen facilities for a business traveller in Manhattan and I can't find any! I'm looking for something like citadines, which we have in Europe.
Any pinch appreciated.

There are a team a few of good choices:

Gracie Inn k/06857293.New Zealand pub

Flatotel k/36994429.hotel

Don't forget to restraint for reviews and additional information for those properties.

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Im Having A Sleepover Party In Manhattan, And I Need To Know A Few Things About Hotels...?

If I impecuniousness to bring with me 15 people to stay, is that allowed? Or is there a special room I would have to request? Also, if anyone is insolent with good hotels in manhattan, I can use suggestions for choices. Thanks!

If it's a complicated hotel they probably won't allow that. A suite usually allows up to 6 people. You'll be paying a lot for a pension in Manhattan too. I'm going to say at least $300-400/a night for a decent hotel room, maybe more.

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Where Can I Find Cheap Good Hotels In Manhattan, NY?

Im successful to travel to New York but i was wondering if there are any good cheap hotels in manhattan. Im trying to find a hotel that is close to timesquare. By reason of You!

baulk out

some days are VERY reasonable in NYC

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