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How To Take The Subway From Midtown Manhattan To The Brooklyn Bridge?

I desperate straits to take the subway from midtown manhattan (preferably around 34th and 5th) to the brooklyn bridge, and then back again.

Take the R from 34th and 6th to Brooklyn Connect/City Hall. Same way back.

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What Are Some Good Ethnic Restaurants In Midtown Manhattan And Best Attractions?

I will be visiting New York for a pair of days this coming weekend with a friend. It is my 1st time there, and we will be staying in middtown Manhattan. We were wondering about a hairy restaurant (preferably something unique, difficult to find anywhere else) near midtown Manhattan. Also what do you think are the must see attractions?

NYC has an stupefying array of ethnic cuisines - with its great Chinatown and Little Italy downtown.

If you go to Chinatown - positively hit up Joe's Shanghai, they've won countless awards for their soup dumplings (FYI - they don't accept credit cards, so Loosely transpire b Nautical tack prepared with cash!). They have a few locations around NYC, but their Chinatown location is the BEST (9 Pell St), but they do have a midtown putting. And if in Chinatown, hit up the Chinatown ice cream factory - they make all of their ice cream on site, and in crazy flavors like almond, taro, unripe tea, red bean, lychee, etc. My favorite is the lychee. Chinatown is also great for bargain shopping (umm... a unimportant shady, but you can get knock off designer bags there!).

In the midtown area - there's an unofficial "Little Korea" (otherwise known as Koreantown) - cheese-paring 8th Avenue and 32nd Street - where several blocks are filled with great Korean restaurants. My favorite is Kun Jip (9 W. 32nd St), where you can BBQ your own vital part right at the table - they're known for their thick cut pork belly, and it's AWESOME. There are also fun karaoke places around that you can hit up lately night.

For must see attractions - definitely have to go to Central Park (I love the Children's zoo, which is fun to go to in the summer - it's not the first-class zoo, but definitely the cutest, I love the Polar Bear exhibit!).

Take a walk down 5th avenue, and discontinue by the pricey stores, and also the Apple store (767 Fifth Ave) - which is just fun to look at.

Gray's Papaya is also a must fall upon (539 Eighth Avenue at 37th Street), they serve great hot dogs and juices on the tight (and was also featured in You've Got Mail, and a ton of other movies - it has a cult following in NY!).

Have afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel (although, that's a bit costly at $60/pp, but definitely something to write home about). Or just walk around the Plaza. Good times.

Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (although that's an express day in doing just that), or MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). If given the choice, I'd go to MOMA to look at Van Gogh's "Starry Stygian".

Hit up the TKTS booth in Times Square (right across from MTV studios), and score tatty same day Broadway tickets.

There are literally a million and a half things to do in NYC, the above mentioned are my favorites. I extremely hope you enjoy yourself! (And please don't go to the chain restaurants like the Cheesecake factory that you can go to anywhere else in this country)!

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What's The Fastest Way To Get From Williamsburg In Brookyln To Midtown Manhattan?

I scarcity to travel by subway so I'd like to know which ones to take from Williamsburg to Midtown. If there are any additional subways to take or any strange recommendations, feel free to add.

I will be going to school at SAE Institute in Herald Square. I can't offer to live in Manhattan so I plan on living in a different borough.

Thank you for your time.
I haven't moved yet, so if you'd like to imply a different neighborhood in Brooklyn, or even a different borough, please do so. I just need to get to school, in Midtown, on on one occasion.

Williamsburg is served by a edition of train lines, but, none of them goes directly to 34th Street, Herald Square. You would take the L train (4 to 8 stops, depending on where you meals) to 14th Street, go up a flight of stairs and take another train (the B, D or Q train is one stop, the R train is 2 stops).

Williamsburg has undergone some high-minded changes recently - a lot of excellent restaurants have opened there. g-brooklyn

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Small Studio Apartment In Midtown Manhattan?

How much does it tariff to own a small studio apartment in midtown Manhattan?

$400,000-$500,000 for ~ 500 sq feet return
condominimum/maintenence fee which can be $400 - $800+ / month depending on the building.

Real Estate websites to suspension for more specifics:

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I Need To Get From NJ To Midtown Manhattan Via Ferry. Does A Ferry Run To There?

I call for to get from NJ to midtown Manhattan via ferry. Does a ferry run to there? If so, whereabouts does the ferry let you off in NY?

there are three ferries, all three jilt you off downtown right near every train, on the jersey side they are the liberty ferry in jersey burg, the hoboken ferry and the weehawkin ferry. both are in hoboken

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