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What Is The Easiest And Cheapest Connection Between New Rochelle And Manhattan?

I am visiting Manhattan, NY for the first just the same from time to time but would also need to visit a friend in New Rochelle also in NY. Is there any cheaper means of commuting between these two cities? I would cognizant very much if any of you folks could help me in this adventure, what train or bus to pick from Manhattan to New Rochelle Metro bus station North Ave. extent?

Thanks for your help.

I be convinced of Metro North will take you right from Grand Central on 42st. to North Av. station in New Rochelle. Look up Metro North time just to make sure.

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Which New York Airport Is Best For Frequent Business Travel To Manhattan?

I got a new consulting gig and I am effective to be traveling to Manhattan a couple times a month atleast. Which airport is the easiest to get in and out of and to get to Manhattan from? I can take a cab, bus, or train. I don't in actuality care.

The airport I will be leaving from has airlines that fly into all three airports and the air fare is the same so that doesn't matter.

If you have access to all 3 airports, then it won't induce tremendous difference. I'd go by other criteria-which airline has the best frequent flyer deal, what is the finery schedules to meet your needs--JFK has the plane to the train, has cabs and shuttles, is right off the Van Wyck Expressway if you are renting a car, and may take you, depending on above 10-15 more minutes to get into the city than from LaGuardia. The train to the plane is not always convenient if the subway routes are not close to your intended site(s) of business.
Newark, not too far from the Tunnel is close to the downtown area (Madden Street, etc.) of Manhattan and if you are doing a single day's consulting work, is as easy to use as LaGuardia, which is best for uptown and midtown (30's Streets and up) because it is properly near the Triborough Bridge.

If you are driving, the question is-do you have any issues with tunnels vs. bridges? I advised of some people who do. The 2 Queens airports-JFK, LaG-use the bridges while Newark is connected by the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels for the most part.

All 3 have hotels that are decorous right near them if you do not want to stay in the city itself.

As for limo, cabs, and buses, all 3 have obliging opportunities and none truly is greater than the other.

JFK has the better airport coffee shops, I think.

As for above, that vaires from moment to moment and depending on the hour, can be beautiful at each airport while, at 3 am, I have had traffic at the 2 NYC airports (I never tolerant of Newark as I lived on Long Island for 50+ years).

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What Tourist Attractions In Manhattan, New York Require Advance Reservations?

My parents and I will inflict only Manhattan in New York for 3 days, from April 13 to April 15, 2009. What tourist attractions make reservations/ticket purchase in advance to get in and how far (days/weeks) in advance do I have to reserve/purchase ticket? Thanks for your ease.

The Figurehead of Liberty requires reservation for a visitor to go inside the Monument.
Since they have a limited number of "Exemplar Access" passes, reserve it very early.
Why? Approximately 10 to 15,000 people descend upon per day. ng-the-statue-of-liberty/

Access to the Cay and Monument is free, however, your parents will need to charter the ferry to get there. An "attraction unfashionable" waives the ferry fee as it is included in the purchase price of the pass and lets the holder of the old-fashioned see other attractions. -for-new-york/

I wish your parents (a self should you take) a safe and happy time here.


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Will My Salary Go Up If I Transfer Within My Company From A New Jersey Office To The Manhattan Office?

I am bearing in mind possibly transferring from the New Jersey office of the company I work for to the Manhattan office of the same company? Would I envision my salary to go up as a result? I live in NJ and I don't intend to move to NYC, but that's where I may work. How much higher is the salary for someone working in NYC as compared to NJ?
I would be requesting the move. I know I probably won't get more initially, but when promotions roll around next year would my salary go up along with the NYC salaries or will it plop to the same NJ scale? Truth be told I don't know if my company even pays NYC office employees more than any other shtick indulgence but I just want a general idea of what companies normally do.
And yes it would be the same position.

Depends on a few things:

Are you requesting the change or is your company asking you to transfer? If you company asks you to transfer, then they could increase your salary to indemnify for travel costs, etc.

Is it the same position?

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What Is The Best Club To Go To For New Years In Manhattan?

I will be staying around 7th and 32nd in Manhattan and I am looking for a beneficial club to go to on New Years! It would be great to find one with an open bar and I know there are a few possibilities. I would love some advice one which ones are the greatest.

i be sure webster hall is CRAZZZZYYYY LOTS OF FUN but i dont think its near manhattan

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