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What's The Average Monthly Cost Of Living In New York City, Manhattan To Be More Specific?

Hi! I'm compelling to New York City from Manila, PHilippines in a few weeks. I just want to know how much is the average monthly price of a single person in NY--groceries, phone, internet, eating out etc.--except for rent, which will be company paid.

Desirable you fortunate soul to the most amazing city in the world.

The bulk of what it costs to live in Manhattan is rent or mortgage payments/idiosyncrasy taxes. Since you say your rent will be paid for by your company (There's a cushy deal! Where'd you luck into that?!), then your get of living should be approximately the same as living anyplace else in the city. Since you have no children, you should find life quite livable and lots of fun. If you get a say over what part of community you live in, I recommend you choose the Upper East Side because it has everything right at your doorstep. Note: as of time developers have been trying to pass off Spanish Harlem as the Upper East Side. The UES ends at 98th Circle.

An actual dollar amount can vary based on your lifestyle. I would say though that if you aren't paying rent, and are enjoying sustenance without going insane, about $2000 per month would do you just fine as a single person. You might knock over d make quick that up to $3000 if you plan to really do some partying or date a lot.


PEOPLE, before you thumbs-down ME, pore over more closely, why don't you? HIS RENT IS PAID BY HIS COMPANY. Geez, I deserve best answer altogether for being the only person to pay attention to the question.

SIZZLE, I agree with what everyone is saying as to the cost of living in Manhattan IF you should find yourself at some meaning having to pay your own rent or your own mortgage/taxes.

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New York City, Manhattan. If You Are Paying Cash, How Fast Can You Close On A Condo?

ew York City, Manhattan. If you are paying lolly, how fast can you close on a condo?

as tightly as title can get you a clear title & put their docs together - I've seen it done in as little as 7-10 days (if everyone is very on the ball) and if it's a foreclosure - REO or short sale - then it can't be done that fast unless they've already prepped the title.

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Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant Recommendation In New York City, Manhattan?

I will be visiting New York City this month a would like a encouragement for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan.

SOHO has some fantastic vegetarian restaurants and foods: ew-York/Soho/Vegetarian-Restaurants< br />
I've been to the restaurant on Come from Street and it is very delicious! But my favorite has to be Red Bamboo Soul Food in Greenwich Village. You might also like Vegetarian Celestial City 2

Enjoy! NYC is a wonderful place :-)

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Timeshare In New York City (Manhattan)?

I have been looking around and there doesn't seem to be much report on timeshares in New York City. I am just getting started in looking into it, but I am not sure where to start. Does anyone have any ideas and practical hints/tips they might have?

Thank you,

The only one I discern of is the Manhattan Club. It is RCI affiliated. I am sure it will be expensive so whatever you buy be sure it is resale. There are other T/S in western Mass in the Berkshires. Then again be inescapable to look for resales do not buy from a developer, you will save lots of money.

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Where Is It More Expensive To Live In Beverly Hills Ca OR New York City , Manhattan ?

I be familiar with that there both REALY expensive but I just wanted to see wich one is more expensive Ive done some research and so far it has been manhattan so please help me out !

It definately depends on what accomodations the living while comes with, either way you cant determine which is more expensive than others. I live in new york, so i couldn't say anything about beverly hills.

But it seems that alot of stars perfer to flaming in CA, rather than NY. But honestly, if stars live in NY, many people would just take a glance and keep going.

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