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Manhattan Apartments?

does anyone here recognize any really really good apartments for rent in manhattan new york web sites? I've been browsing and can't seem to find any really decorous websites! thanks!

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Remember Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment Set On Seinfeld. How Big Is That Compared To Real Apartments In Manhattan?

People say affordable apartments in Manhattan are negligible. I'm just curious how they compare to the Seinfeld apartment seen on the show.

There are two things you have to believe:

1) Seinfeld was fantasy, nobody wants to watch a TV show set in 600 sqft studio apartment over a Chinese restaurant. His "apartment" was a mediocre size for Manhattan.

2) Seinfeld was filmed in the early 90s, back then, rent was far less than what it is today. His apartment in the 90s might have gone for $1,800 or so.
Today, that same apartment, a one bedroom, elevator construction, intercom system, would probably start at $2,700—and that's if you're lucky.

My apartment is in the Upper West Side, 2,200 sqft, two bedroom elevator, doorman, intercom, confidential terrace and private video surveillance, on-site gym, and it's $4,200 a month to give you an idea of tournament Manhattan rates.

Depending on what you're willing to sacrifice, which part of Manhattan you're willing to live, and how hard you look (I'll be genuine, I didn't spend near as much time as I should have viewing and looking at apartments), you could find an apartment for much less. However, finding anything under $2,000 that isn't in the projects is a Benediction.

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Can Anyone Point Me In The Direction Of A Good Website To Find Info On Apartments In Manhattan?

I've tried craigslist,, and some others and they don't seem to have a ton of options. Can anyone stop me find a service that specializes in Manhattan or NYC? Thanks.

Distinctly from those services you mentioned, the only option would be with a real estate agent. Unfortunately it is about as hard to find a healthy apartment in Manhattan as it is to hit it big on Broadway.

Realtors are notorious for snatching up listings and securing prime apartments to shopping list.

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Which Area In Manhattan Has The Best Studio Apartments?

I'm doing some apt. searching and I'm bearing in mind the upper west. I'm curious though. Which area tends to have the best quality of the studio apartments?

only manhattan please.

The newer buildings on the far east side seem to have a lot of studio lines, the older buildings in communal have fewer. I much prefer the UWS to anything on the east side, so I suggest that you keep looking up there.

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When Is A Good Time To Look For Apartments In Manhattan?

If I am planning on exciting in July/August, when should I look? Apparently, brokers are saying I am way too early right now. Speaking of which, should I go with a dealer or do a solo search?

Yep, it's unequivocally too early. I wouldn't start looking any earlier than 2 months before. The great thing about NYC is that if you had to, you could find an apt. within a week.

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