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How To Get Holiday Inn Manhattan 57 St From EWR Airport?

what options do i have? what is the fetch?

Go to EWR's website and click on the "dregs transportation" link. If they have SuperShuttle service there, that's a pretty good company. A cab will be extravagant, as there's an extra fee for crossing the state line.

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What Is The Manhattan Inn, Midtown, New York Like?

I am customary to New York with my Class, i was just wondering what our hotel will be like.

The Manhattan Inn isn't a breakfast, it's a youth hostel - some rooms are dormitory style - bunk beds and shared by as many as 8 people. I certain absolutely nothing about it, but you will be near the subway and the bus - very close to Madison Square Garden and Penn Position. You can read what other people have to say about the Manhattan Inn. The rates are very, very good. attan-Inn-Hostel aspx

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Has Anyone Stayed @ The Manhattan Inn Hostel Can You Tell Me What You Thought Of It?

I have MS and most of the time need a first floor but I could push and do a 2nd flr .Only once a day in and out. pls anything to add thank you. this is nyc hostel nr 30th/8th av

I don't advised of that one, but you should also check out "Jazz on the Town" and "Seafarers and International Board". I haven't stayed there, but I hear good things. Call and see if they accomodate for 1st floor rooms.
Both are located niggardly Union Square, which I think is a handicapped accessible subway station. You can also look up which stations are handicapped open at The subway maps are clearly marked.

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Manhattan Inn Hostel - Towels?

Do the manhattan inn hostel afford towels?

most hostels DO NOT specify any linens. call them and ask!

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Ramada Inn In Manhattan Kansas?

I occupied to stay at the Ramada inn in Manhattan KS. It was right across the sreet from the k-state campus. Is it still around, I heard it was being closed?

The Ramada Inn is no longer there (at least there is none advertised on the Ramada website)
I over it may have been replaced by:
Holiday Inn Manhattan at the Campus
1641 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502
It is a multi-story Motor Inn with today's guest facilities.
Located adjacent to Kansas State University, one mile from the downtown compass.

Found at: g38877-d88615-Reviews-Holiday_Inn_Manhat tan_at_The_Campus-Manhattan_Kansas.html< br />
The Ramada has a Wonderful 8 in Manhattan though: king/search_results?mq_map_width=442& ;mq_map_elevation=350&mq_map_zoom=6& ;brandCode=RA%2CMQ%2CDI%2CHJ%2CKG%2CSE%2 CTL%2CBU&searchWithinMiles=20&ar eaType=1&destination=Manhattan&s tateName=Kansas&situation=KS&country Name=United+States&country=US&ch eckInDate=02%2F22&numberAdults=1& ;numberRooms=1&checkOutDate=02%2F23& amp;numberChildren=0&rateName=Superior+A vail&rate=000&smoking=any&be d=any&promotionCode=&corporateCo de=&iataNumber=&mq_map_click.x=2 31&mq_map_click.y=117

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