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New York Airport Hotels, How Easy To Get Into Manhattan.?

Would like feast in New York, Manhattan hotels to expensive. JFK and Newark airport hotels seem reasonable, but what is best hotel in the area to trekking into Manhattan every day for maybe a week on subway or bus during May.

If you are coming here for vacation, don't bide at Newark or Jamaica (JFK) hotels. If you are in Manhattan at night you will not wish to travel through the surrounding area of these locations to revert at night, you will be at risk.

Also time and expense of traveling each time back and forth will actually add to the expense and your hostelry savings diminishes.

Since you are looking a good time in advance, consider booking some of the trim cost Hotels in Manhattan, there are a few. If you are unsure of a hotel, ask about it on this board and/or check it on the numerous on-line hotel reviews.

Try The Herald Satisfying Hotel. this is only one, there are others that are less expensive and right in the middle of Manhattan.

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New York Manhattan Hotels?! Have You Been To NYC On Holiday?

I am looking for a tourist house to stay in New York in October. Can somebody please give me a rating or tell me what you've heard about the following hotels and whether you recommend them or not.

New Zealand pub Beacon, NYC
Milford Plaza, NYC

The Sign hotel is nearer more quite locations such as central park etc.
Where as the Milford Plaza is nigh Times Sq.

Both lovely hotels, look on those websites and u will find info all about them!

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What Do Hotels In New York (Manhattan) Charge For Extra People?

I'll be staying in a hostelry room by myself for 2 weeks and a friend will be staying with me in the same room for 2-3 days. Would the hotel allegation extra for this?

1st of all depends on gorgon hotel a fancy rich one like most of the in manhattan or some other one ? this is what i would do and dont before i get a room and tell my friends to go upstairs and chance on me there and let them stay, you dont have to notifythe desk that you have a friend over and most likely the couch has a pull out cruton

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Manhattan, New York Hotels?

are you proficient to pay cash at check-in/out of hotels in new york?? if so, which hotel.

I would like to stay at the pennyslvaia hotel..

what is your experience of this, in terms for evaluate and service room size, location etc..

i dont have a credit card, i want to pay in hard cash at a hotel, all i want to know is, if this is possible? and if so, which hotel in manahttan, new york only!!!!!no airport hotels please!

thanks :)

Once I stayed at the Pennsylvanai Breakfast. It looks dumpy inside. Yet it's in a nice neighborhood across the street from Madison Square Garden and the expenditure was right. My girlfriend then paid with a credit card. Not sure about cash.

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Are There Any Hotels In Lower Manhattan, New York That Allow 18 Year Olds?

I impecuniousness somewhere to stay for a few nights in lower manhattan I'm actually 19 but I didn't think that would matter.

I candidly doubt it, you'd probably have to be 25 in that area, and loaded. (money wise)

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