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What's The Average Monthly Cost Of Living In New York City, Manhattan To Be More Specific?

Hi! I'm compelling to New York City from Manila, PHilippines in a few weeks. I just want to know how much is the average monthly bring in of a single person in NY--groceries, phone, internet, eating out etc.--except for rent, which will be company paid.

Meet you fortunate soul to the most amazing city in the world.

The bulk of what it costs to live in Manhattan is rent or mortgage payments/acreage taxes. Since you say your rent will be paid for by your company (There's a cushy deal! Where'd you luck into that?!), then your expense of living should be approximately the same as living anyplace else in the city. Since you have no children, you should find life quite livable and lots of fun. If you get a say over what part of village you live in, I recommend you choose the Upper East Side because it has everything right at your doorstep. Note: as of recently developers have been trying to pass off Spanish Harlem as the Upper East Side. The UES ends at 98th Thoroughfare.

An actual dollar amount can vary based on your lifestyle. I would say though that if you aren't paying rent, and are enjoying life without accepted insane, about $2000 per month would do you just fine as a single person. You might knock that up to $3000 if you intend to really do some partying or date a lot.


PEOPLE, before you thumbs-down ME, read more closely, why don't you? HIS Hire out IS PAID BY HIS COMPANY. Geez, I deserve best answer simply for being the only person to pay concentration to the question.

SIZZLE, I agree with what everyone is saying as to the cost of living in Manhattan IF you should find yourself at some point having to pay your own let out or your own mortgage/taxes.

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Where Is The Best Place To Eat In New York City Preferably Manhattan?

where can i find the most suitable and renowed bakery place ( a place mostly sell deserts and cookies) in manhattan region of new york city

I warmth good desserts - these are my recommendations - and, yes, I've tried them all except one.

Payard on Lexington and 73rd Street

Bouley Bakery - 88 West Broadway

Balthazar, 80 Existence Street (I didn't like the restaurant at all, but the bakery is wonderful) in.html

Much less expensive, but wonderful - the BEST hot chocolate anywhere and excellent pastries
The City Bakery on West 18th Drive just off Fifth Avenue

And finally, Bouchon Bakery in the Time-Warner Construction at Columbus Circle. I haven't tried this one yet, but I've heard very good things about it.

I think Payard is my favorite, but I'm not uptown that often.

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Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant Recommendation In New York City, Manhattan?

I will be visiting New York City this month a would like a approval for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan.

SOHO has some ripping vegetarian restaurants and foods: ew-York/Soho/Vegetarian-Restaurants< br />
I've been to the restaurant on Existence Street and it is very delicious! But my favorite has to be Red Bamboo Soul Food in Greenwich Village. You might also like Vegetarian Isles 2

Enjoy! NYC is a wonderful place :-)

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Timeshare In New York City (Manhattan)?

I have been looking around and there doesn't seem to be much message on timeshares in New York City. I am just getting started in looking into it, but I am not sure where to start. Does anyone have any ideas and neighbourly hints/tips they might have?

Thank you,

The only one I recognize of is the Manhattan Club. It is RCI affiliated. I am sure it will be expensive so whatever you buy be sure it is resale. There are other T/S in western Mass in the Berkshires. Then again be effective to look for resales do not buy from a developer, you will save lots of money.

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Is The Official City New York City Or Manhattan?

I'm exasperating to understand if New York, NY, is all the five boroughs or it's only Manhattan. I know that the five boroughs - Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, & the Bronx - are their own counties - separately Richmond, Queens, Kings, New York, & Bronx. But I ain't sure if the official city is only Manhattan or it includes all the boroughs. & if NYC is only Manhattan, would that mean that that city would have less people than some large U.S. cites (i.e. Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia) as the other four boroughs are excluded?
I about from lookin' @ the opening of "Welcome Back Kotter" the Brooklyn standard that said "4th biggest city in America." Brooklyn may have 2 million inhabitants now, but I'm steady there are plenty of other American cities w/ more than that.

NYC is the sanctioned city, made up of the five boroughs, so for census purposes it is all five counties included, which makes it far and away the largest US city with 8,310,212 residents according to latest estimates (weigh to LA with 3,834,340).

Manhattan by itself, is in fact smaller, than many US Cities, and isn't even the largest borough:
Bronx 1,385,122
Brooklyn 2,539,206
Manhattan 1,625,251
Queens 2,277,779
Staten Isle 482,854

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