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How Much Does The City Of NY, Manhattan, Tax You To Live/work There? What Comes Out Of Your Paycheck?

I have heard about unused money being taken out of your paycheck if you live/work in Manhattan, NY? Does anyone know what the amount is? What the % is?

It applies to all of New York Burgh, not just Manhattan.

4% as of several years ago. Not sure if this is still the current rate.

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What Is The Best Hotel To Stay At In Manhattan, NY?

My daughter and I are planning a lapsus linguae to Manhattan NY. We'd love to be close by to all the shopping, sites, etc. We were considering the Algonquin, quaint and "old New York configuration" from what I've read and heard. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

The Casablanca.

My cousin and I True-love it there. It's right off Times Square, is really close to shopping and is really beautiful to look at. The prices were huge when I last stayed there, but that was right after 9/11, so I'm sure the pricing was better EVERYWHERE near Times Boxy then.LOL Also, the staff there was wonderful! They were very helpful, pleasant and generous.

When I went to NYC about 2 months ago, we stayed at The Milford Plaza. I Quite don't recommend it. Not only was it run-down, but the showers were a nightmare. We rented two rooms since we went with another couple, and their shower, by the skin of one's teeth like ours, kept running hot and cold-- not fun when it's cold outside.

Hope this helps!

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What Is The Best Area In Manhattan, NY To Live In? What Is The Difference Between Midtown, Financial District?

What is the choicest area to live in Manhattan, NY? What is the difference between Midtown, Financial District, LES, UES?

That's all a preposterous of your age and interests.

The most expensive area is on the Upper East side at the edge of Central Park. There are decorous schools nearby and plenty of high quality flats and houses.

Singles be liable to favour Tribeca or the Meatpacking district because that is where the clubs and bars are.

The financial district is not a gigantic place to live. Midtown is congested and mainly offices and shops.

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Where Can I Adopt A Black Kitten In Brooklyn Or Manhattan Ny?

I positively want a black kitten...I live in brooklyn ny but am willing to travel to manhattan, and i dont be in touch with oneself decide paying a small fee..does any1 have any store or website ideas?

Try It's a huge website. That's where I found two of my cats. Good luck!

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Recycling Center In Manhattan, NY That Takes Aluminum Cans And/or Plastic Botles For Cash?

I'm looking for a arrive in Manhattan, NY that you can bring in up to hundreds of thousands of aluminum cans and/or plastic bottles and they will gladly give me gelt in return. Locals know of any specific places in manhattan? I've looked everywhere online and can't seem to find any. Greatly increase it if someone knows of anywhere! Thanks!

go to, they find recycle centers by zipcode.

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