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Are There Any Hauntings At Manhattan Beach Ca?

do you be informed anything funny going on in manhattan beach? i really want to know!

please and thanks!

please and thanks!take a present of this,it will haunt you!!it"s as funny as any thing in manhattan !!! crave-beach

best wishes and good luck..

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Is Big Wok Mongolian BBQ Located In Manhattan Beach CA Open On Labor Day?

It is located in Manhattan Beach
250 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 i would like to be familiar with if its open on labor day.


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What Time Is It Good To Search For Grunion At Manhattan Beach, CA?

ive been lacking to go grunion running for along time does anyone know when the grunion run in the manhatthan beach area in california? acknowledgement you

Oh my gosh the grunion run is so fun!

Good a few tips, if you want to see a LOT of grunion and actually watch them mate go before the fishing season opens for the year, I dream you'll have to wait for next year to do this. It is really cool! You shouldn't harass the grunion in anyway if you go to the early runs, but it is so much fun to skinned for them.

If you want to catch grunion make sure you are going on a night when they are running AND it is statutory to take them. If you are over 16 make sure you have a California fishing license (you can get one for the night at walmart for about $13).

At the last moment if you are catching grunioun the ONLY legal method of take is by hand, That means you cannot dig holes in the sand, use nets, buckets, your shirt, shoes, nothing but your hands.

Once you are holding the grunion to can move them to another container of obviously

Finally there is no limit on the number of Grunion you can catch and take home but wasting fish is a wrong. Grunion are small oily fish similar to sardines or mackerel. Not many people in actuality enjoy eating them. Anything other than eating them is wasting them.

I know it is not near you but the best grunion runs I have been to are early in the period before it opens to fishing at Seal Beach.

Grunion run dates and times:

*fun facts then plan, you may have th scroll down*

Pictures I took of the grunion: runion?accomplishment=directlink

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Manhattan Beach, Ca?

I'm nothing but looking for opinions.


Manhattan Beach is the sort out of place that seems almost like a utopia, but in reality it's not nearly as awesome to live there as you might imagine. We had a beach company a block away from the Strand for years, and though I loved it at times, I would not want to live there everlastingly.

Home prices there are astronomical, even in today's sour housing market. One of my dad's friends is looking for a thrive there and having difficulty finding anything for under $2 million, and that's just for a weekend retreat with a four of bedrooms, not a sprawling mansion. Apartment rentals are also incredibly high, and you don't get a lot of bang for your buck. My boyfriend and his roommates are paying $3500 a month for their three bedroom, two bath apartment, and they are not renewing their rent out.

It is incredibly overcrowded in the summer, and it stays fairly crammed most weekends throughout the year. People sham it's blissfully peaceful to live there, but that is not really the case because if you live anywhere near the beach you'll have people walking nobility past your windows all throughout the day and night. Our dog barked whenever someone walked by the house, and literally all night great they'd be barking.

On top of the pedestrian traffic, you also deal with bumper-to-bumper traffic on the weekends and oftentimes during the morning commute. If you are living and working or succeeding to school in MB it's fine, but if you have to commute you're going to tire of it quickly. Parking there is HORRENDOUS. Even if you are a homeowner, you'll be frustrated because your guests have nowhere to park. We could fit our cars in the garage, but the driveway was too abbreviate for most cars to fit, and if your car hangs over the sidewalk even a fraction there you get a ticket. Most of the meters and public garages have a measure limit and will eat up your quarters quickly (though you can now get this key that is sort of like a prepaid card for them), and if you park at the library for too big you'll get towed. The one reprieve is during the month of December when the city lets you park at all the meters for outspoken.

Because the cost of living is so high there, the majority of residents are families or over 35. Most of the younger people are either teens still living with their parents (like me) or USC students (my boyfriend). There are some people in their 20s & antediluvian 30s living there, but most prefer nearby Hermosa Beach. You'll find more stores and bars catering to a younger congregate there than in MB.

I don't want to totally bash MB because it is stunningly beautiful, but I wanted to give you a more realistic point of look at from someone who has spent a whole heckofalotta time there. The perks of living there are fairly obvious: you have easy access to the beach, the meteorological conditions is perfect 350 days out of the year, the surfing is fantastic and there is almost always a volleyball game you can attach oneself to. You can ride your bike or walk almost anywhere. Trader Joes and Target are about 10 minutes away. There are some spectacular restaurants there, and the public schools are amongst the best in CA. Also, Uncle Bill's Pancake House has the yummiest breakfasts.

I would finally recommend looking into Hermosa Beach instead, though.

~ Pax / Peace

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Where Is The Closest Weaning Barn To Manhattan Beach,CA?

I have a 3 month old foal and I'm planning to wean in a month. Do you guys have any suggestions on to where I can change of direction her out to pasture for a year?

Thank you

I grew up & lived in Norco for 30yrs. Chino is not the dairies anymore. It is VERY built up now. Not winsome!! I would not put any of my horses there!!! Look in Norco, Mira Loma, Riverside, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Lompoc. These are edible areas to look into. Hope this helps!

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