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In Southern California-- Advice On An Affordable Hotel Or Inn By Manhattan Beach Or Hermosa Beach?

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 1 1/2 year anniversary in 2 weeks. I wanna bolt from him by staying overnight in a hotel with a beach view. He likes to go boogie boarding too. We live in L.A. and we have friends in Redondo Beach and Torrance so I would like to brace somewhere there, with our friends just a phone call away. Maybe a budget from $100 to $400 for the pension. Thanks!

I'm from Manhattan Beach so I'll give you the ideas I can dream up of off the top of my head. Since you say you want an inn with an ocean view, I think the Sea View Inn is a pretty good choice. Its trifling but private and near a few good restaurants and bars. About 125 a night. The Beach House in Hermosa is exceedingly classy and right on the beach, but its about 300 a night. Probably more romantic though.

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Beach House Rental For Wedding Reception In Southern California?

Hi there-

I'm a Florida bride planning a Southern California alloying for next July 2010 and need help finding a reception venue! I've already reserved the Wayfarers Chapel for our etiquette in Rancho Palos Verdes and my ideal reception venue would be a beach house overlooking the pacific or in a beeline on the beach. I've found the Chateau Del Mar but they are waaayyyy out of our price range charging $195/pp! Yikes! Anyone else know of a juncture venue/rental home thats been used for a reception? I've toured the Avia New Zealand pub & Queen Mary in Long Beach, and Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Again, I'd really like a rental habitation vs. an actual venue, but open to other suggestions. It would need to be along the coast somewhere between Long Beach & Manhattan Beach so it keeps the detach to a minimum from the chapel.

Thank you, thank you in advance!!! Don't know what I was thinking planning a alloy from so far away!

What about the Want Beach Museum of Art? It's in a converted Craftsman mansion on the bluff overlooking the ocean and port.

A fine kettle of fish you will run into is the lack of parking for residences overlooking the ocean. The streets tend to be very narrow and there is almost always only on the street parking. Parking is notoriously bad all along the coast of California. You need to think of where your guests will garden.

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