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Is Manhattan College Hard To Get Into If You Are A Transfer Student?

I would like to turn over to Manhattan college. I attend Buffalo State, and received a 3.1 average my first semester. In high tutor, my averages ranged from 85-90. My SAT scores were not that great though.

Hey ! I'm the postpositive major class president at Manhatta College and your GPA and high school grades sound like they would fulfil the school's standards. Extracirricular helps, also.

We are a great great school and I am sure you would Rapture It. Any other questions email me at

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What Is The Best Way To Get To Manhattan College From Yonkers By Bus?

Manhattan College is located in Riverdale, NY. ---By Yonkers, I menial the area close to Yonkers Raceway.

In Riverdale take whichever bus runs north up Broadway. Once in Getty Exact (Yonkers) transfer on to the #7 bus. That will bring you right to Yonkers Raceway area.

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Is It Hard To Get Into A Private College Like Manhattan College?

My grades are passable like a B+, A-. My sat score out of 1600 like a 750, my act 16. I plan to retake it though. Would I get accepted with these grades. If I tend early decision with these grades to Manhattan College would I get accepted. Please let me know thank you

Your grades are clever, huh? What's your GPA? Volunteer work? Extracurricular activities? Clubs? Internships? The only thing you have there is a SAT/ACT score. That alone wouldn't helpers anyone here make an informed decision.

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Is It Worth Going To Manhattan College?

You might demand to re-think your decision about going to Manhattan College. My brother is currently enrolled there as a freshman and has regretted every day. The way of life is really not that convenient to Manhattan and most of the kids that go there are commuting students or from the Long-Island area (not ardent for out of state kids, but could be up your ally). The food there is awful and the dorms leave something to be desired (although all freshmen dorms in any college are not that distinguished). Probably the worst part about Manhattan College though is the unresponsive guidance counselors and the RA's who make life more of a living torment than anything else. Most RA's at the school are intensely political and show favoritism towards their residents, to the point of picking on certain residents for infractions that were never in truth conducted.

If he could do it all over again my brother would have gone to NYU, and I can see why after visiting Manhattan College myself.

You down some good points. Location, location, location... its important to the lifestyle and surroundings of the university.

NYU is better if your looking for a more international environment and a livelier city life.

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Which College In Manhattan Is Has The Easiest Physics And Organic Chemistry?

I am doing promulgate bac/post masters pre-med classes within the next two years and I will most likely be working full time nights. Which four year college in manhattan has the easiest physics and native chemistry classes?
I understand both of those classes are hard. But you can't tell me an o-chem class at Columbia is the same stage of difficulty as CUNY... so which college is easiest?

there is no such feeling as an easy Physics or easy Organic chemistry class. Physics and Chemistry are classes that take commitment, and if you pine for to be a successful doctor you need to put in the time, for if you find that physics and O–chem are hard the the pathology classes you will take in med teach will be impossible.

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