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WIll The Housing Bust In Any Way Affect Manhattan Real Estate?

Manhattan real estate seems to be vaccinated to the housing bust. Is this likely to change? Will prices eventually go down here as well?

Perhaps to a station, but Manhattan, NYC as a whole, is in a unique position in the housing market. There's no available space to add more housing, unless you bowl over down existing housing, and more people pour into NYC every day. That's not going to change. There's such a shortage of housing forebear in the city, that there will never be a shortage of demand. Just try to find an apartment! Because of the massive demand, the market will be relevant to ridiculous prices for rental and purchase properties. There will come a time, anywhere else, that prices can't go higher. But in NYC there are more people who can bear the expense those prices, and those who can't go across the river to NJ or even to PA. There's a lot of decent affordable housing in PA and people in the East understand the concept of commute. Here (midwest) I crab about the 26 miles I aggressiveness to work, but if I lived in Easton PA and worked in Manhattan, I'd just accept it as a fact of life.

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How's The Manhattan Real Estate Market Doing?

I electrified in San Francisco and am looking at maybe buying a second home. But I dont' want to put in more than 2M ideally. How has Manhattan been doing?

Are my only options a condo next to a brick wall in a bad neighborhood?

I'm not looking for Dominant Park west or anything, but maybe something with a little charm.

I've impute to that the real estate market has dropped there too. Good time to buy. I personally prefer Brooklyn Heights which is on the south side of the Brooklyn link with quaint town houses lined with trees and some spectacular views of the city licit on the East River. The area has a subway station that brings you right into Manhattan. If I were moving to New York that is where I would buy. I used up a lot of time as a G.I in NY when I was stationed in Maryland so I kind of know my way around. I love NYC.

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What Is The Average Price Per Square Foot To Purchase Manhattan Commercial Real Estate?

mark this link:

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Manhattan Real Estate Question?

I'm looking for a neighborhood/arena with nice views, neighborhood, and close to subway lines in Manhattan.

I currently live in San Francisco (Jackson Ethical) and I'm looking for something quaint, yet close to everything?

What are my options and price points?

Manhattan will be costly. If you have the budget, then I guess it doesn't matter.

You could live 30 minutes outside Manhattan by rear and commute in for work and school.
Also, the close the place is to the rails, the more it will fetch.

My cousin he lives in the Montclair, NJ compass where is somewhat cheaper then commutes in and saved enough to buy two homes there.

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How Long Will It Take To See Some Income If I Started Real Estate Now? Particularly Doing Manhattan Rentals?

I'm about to take a elegance and wanted to going into real estate. I was wondering how long will it take for me to get some type of income. Targeting Manhattan (NYC) Rentals for now.

Go geters always do propitious in no matter what, so if your a go geter the answer lays in your own ability.
Some concerns I would have for you is if you are having to worry about takings, ie; paying bills, living expenses, then have on hand at least 6-12 months of reserves. The real estate Affair is very competitive and seems like everyone has a brother, sister, or a friend that is an established agent. Real Estate needs noble agents so if this is where your heart is, then go for it. Just be prepared in the financial area. Good luck.

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