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How Are The Rich People Walking Down Park Avenue In Manhattan Typically Dressed?

i am taxing to research the stereotypical ways people are dressed in New York..


How Is The New York Protests Against Trying Gitmo Terrorists In Manhattan Court Going To Stop Obama From Doing?



21rst Birthday Weekend In Manhattan, New York What Should I Do?

I irregularity 21 years old the weekend of May 14,2010. I am planning on going to NYC for three days. I just neediness to know what is the best things I should do. besides Dinner,Shopping,And Site seeing. What is the best Bed, How far is Grand Central Station, And How much is the fairy, and liberty bell.

go clubbing !!! um..Eminent Central station is right in the middle of manhattan.. I don't know what you ment by how far it is. The fairy ? lol you mean the ferry ? Well it depends which ferry you insufficiency to go on. There's some free ones. If you mean the ferry to go see Statue of Liberty, that one is cheap. You can get those tickets at Battery Deposit, they include Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. As far as hotels, there's a lot of good ones. If you're not true then you can always choose a Hilton. Most of them are awesome.
If you're coming from the Grand Central Station, there's a lot of hotels around that square footage too.
Go to the village. It's fun there. There's good bars there, if you're into that.
There's a lot of hang out spots, it just depends on what kind of press you're going to be with.

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Where Can I Buy Bailey's Alcohol In Manhattan?

I solemnly affirm I cannot find a store that sells this stuff. I feel like I've searched everywhere and keep getting wineries. I stand in want some old fashioned Bailey's. Does anyone know a store that sells it in either midtown west, UWS or Morningside Heights?


What Stores Carry Room Dividers In Manhattan Ny?

Macy's in 34th Roadway across from the Empire State carries almost everything you can think of..☺

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