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How Much Do You Tip The Super When You Move Into A Manhattan Apartment?

I'm pathetic into a Manhattan apartment (not a doorman building), and was told that I need to tip the super when I move in. There will be 4-5 smallish renovations that will be made before I move in. But do I call for to tip him now, or should I hold off until Christmas? Or is this all about setting up goodwill?

5% of your monthly split now then 10% every Christmas

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Is It Possible To Buy A 250sq Ft Apartment In Manhattan?

Friends and myself are looking to buy a pocket one room efficiency type apartment in Manhattan as a vacation property. We're talking a bed, closet and a microwave along with a Lilliputian bathroom. Any thoughts? Is this a ridiculous idea? How mush would it cost?

I contemplate you can even find 200sqft. Search through the many real estate search engines or broker pages for Manhattan to get an teachings for ranges.. Obviously will depend on location.

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Remember Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment Set On Seinfeld. How Big Is That Compared To Real Apartments In Manhattan?

People say affordable apartments in Manhattan are Lilliputian. I'm just curious how they compare to the Seinfeld apartment seen on the show.

There are two things you have to rate:

1) Seinfeld was fantasy, nobody wants to watch a TV show set in 600 sqft studio apartment over a Chinese restaurant. His "apartment" was a suitable size for Manhattan.

2) Seinfeld was filmed in the early 90s, back then, rent was far less than what it is today. His apartment in the 90s might have gone for $1,800 or so.
Today, that same apartment, a one bedroom, elevator edifice, intercom system, would probably start at $2,700—and that's if you're lucky.

My apartment is in the Upper West Side, 2,200 sqft, two bedroom elevator, doorman, intercom, withdrawn terrace and private video surveillance, on-site gym, and it's $4,200 a month to give you an idea of constant Manhattan rates.

Depending on what you're willing to sacrifice, which part of Manhattan you're willing to live, and how hard you look (I'll be square-shooting, I didn't spend near as much time as I should have viewing and looking at apartments), you could find an apartment for much less. However, finding anything under $2,000 that isn't in the projects is a Bit of good luck.

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How Much Does A Nice Apartment In Manhattan Cost To Rent?

Say, a one or two bedroom apartment; in new york; manhattan
Like the one monica and rachel had in friends?
thanks for any arrogate; im curious.


How Much Money Do You Have To Make A Year To Get A Nice Apartment In Manhattan?

I was nothing but curious, I'm only 17, not looking for one, but I want to make smart choice in career and majors because I fall short of a good, pretty decent size apartment in Manhattan.

So any info would be great!

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