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Where In The UK (on-line Or At A Store In London) Can I Buy A Manhattan Portage Professional Messenger Bag?

US website Manhattan is selling the 'Past master Bike Messenger Bag' for $79, which is about £40. Should I just buy from their website and ask to pay the postage to the UK? Can anyone help me?

Rather than buy from the States, eBay have some distinguished bags which should meet your needs. Look at this site


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Where Is The Manhattan Portage Store In New York?

i fancy this: product_info.php?products_id=75

but i want to buy it in stores where theres more color options too. and no s&h. anyone be sure where the store is?

Go to the Superficial Store on Elizabeth between Prince and Houston.

I believe it basically has their whole collection of bags in all the color options.

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Anyone Know About Shops That Sell Manhattan Portage Or Timbuk2 Bags In Singapore?

have you search Far East Plaza?well, i searched on 88db and found the Timbuk2 bags, it came in different types and colours

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Manhattan Portage Backpack!?

I'm looking for Manhattan Portage Backpack! 2nd close by also come, but must be 10/10 condition.

Singapore :)


Where Can I Buy Manhattan Portage Bags In Chicago?

I am looking for a inventory I can physically go into....

You can get them on ebay below wholesale. Here's the point-blank link

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