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What Are The Income Tax Implications When Living In NJ And Commuting To NYC (Manhattan)?

I spirited in Northern NJ and i'm entertaining job opportunities in Manhattan(NYC) some people tell me that i need to account for "duplicate taxes" when negotiating for a salary. I just want to know how much more i should expect to pay in taxes when working in NYC vs. any other place in New Jersey. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.

Unfriendly to what Walter said, MOST states tax income that is earned in their state. There are some states that have reciprocal agreements with neighboring states that will not tax residents of those states. This is the object to, not the rule.

You will need to file a resident return in NJ and a non-resident return in NY. I don't think you will be answerable for NYC taxes. You will get a credit on your NJ return for taxes paid to NY. The credit will be equal to the lower of the taxes paid to NY or the tax NJ charged on the revenues.

Your employer does not have to withhold NJ tax unless he has a location in that state. He will withhold NY tax. So, in that sense you are enlarge taxed. You may owe NJ tax because none was withheld, but with the credit, its as if you where only taxed by one state.

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What's The Scene For Manhattan NYC Street Musicians?

I'm a jazz trumpet trouper, retired, moving to Manhattan NYC. I'm a little short on income and hope to supplement it by playing on the concourse/subways.
Any tips or info would be appreciated.

Well, first of all, playing or performing on the circle is called "busking," (see link, below) and there's even a Buskers Advocates website that's chock full of info about how and where to do it and what the laws are, etc.

In NYC, the MTA in point of fact has a program for musicians in the subway, called Music Under New York, too (see 2nd link, below)

Good happenstance, and the 3rd link below is to the Buskers Advocacy website...

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How Do The Sewer Lines Of Manhattan,NYC Cope With All Those Skyscrapers?

Well,it might quality like a stupid question but i wonder whether there's a network of underground tunnels (like Paris,London etc.) or by a hair's breadth plain pipe lines which lie beneath Manhattan to transfer NYC's sewage across the city? I just found out it is unimaginable to walk through the sanitary sewer system as the way they do in the movies,because the pipes are too small unlike in Paris..It is honourable fiction,only some storm drains are large enough for a walk but not the sanitary sewer lines..

The sewer calling piping is in the tunnels.
Sometimes it is in a trench of considerable depth.

All sewer piping has to have a 1 degree chip in a attack for flow.
Very complicated infrastructure, but we've been at it for centuries now.

Also there are pump stations that pump the sewage 'up' for the next run of piping.

You can see from this affiliation: /02/65/26590_sanitary_sewer_stormwater_d rainage_systems_lay out_workshop.php
This is a complicated field with a health risk factor that must be contained.
This field of bone up on is in the family "Civil Engineering".

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How To Find Good Co-op In Manhattan, NYC?

Hello, I was wondering if there is any sites or anything to succour me find a good co-op or cheap condo in Manhattan, NYC. If any one can help me it is greatly appreciated!


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Anyone Know Any Buses Going From Nyc Manhattan To Brodheadsville Or Stroudsburg Pa?

i palpable in nyc manhattan and i want to get to brodheadsville or stroudsburg pa by bus. i want to know what bus service goes there from nyc and for cheap. also im 15. is it ok that im a petty?

First, it's not economical. Buses out to the Poconos run about $50 each way.

Martz Trailways runs from Port Authority to Stroudsburg and a few other places in the Poconos. Whether you can do so on one's own at 15, that you'll have to call them.

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