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How Long Is It To Go To Lower Manhattan From The Bronx?

I in need of to transfer to a school in Lower Manhattan.I just want to know how long will it be to go on train? When I should wake up? (I dance near gun hill) what train i should go on too?
Oh yeah and is there any teen clubs or shopping areas attached by??

if ur in the bronx youll quite take the 4, the d or the b down to west 4th (lower manhattan)
im always in the bronx on fordham and grandconcourse and thats past 188th thoroughfare and it takes me 30minutes to get back to 34th from there so im guessin it will take u between 45 minutes to an hr to get to lower manhattan

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How Long Would It Take To Drive From Lower Manhattan To JFK Airport?

Specifically, how yearn would it take to drive from Lower Manhattan (Greenwich Village area) to JFK airport on a weeknight around or after midnight? What kind of transportation should I expect to encounter?

I would give yourself an hour but you will very likely be there in 20-30 minutes. Traffic shouldn't be a problem.

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Where Is The Statue Of The Bear Located In Lower Manhattan?

Does anyone recall where the Bear statue is in lower Manhattan? I need the exact address and the only clues I have is that it is exterior (not inside a structure) and its within 17 blocks from 50 Broad Street.... this is extremely important to me, anybody?
No, it's the bring forth, my professor said he would give whoever finds out where the BEAR is, $1,000 cash.

Do you squalid the bull? Its at Bowling Green and Broadway in Manhattan.

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Where Can I Find Expense Breakdowns For Office Buildings In Lower Manhattan?

I'm looking to buy quiddity in lower Manhattan and am trying to find Operating Expenses for office buildings in the area. Any help would be appreciated.

in stores i notion of

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What Is A Nice Place To Brunch In Lower Manhattan?

About 6 of us would like to have a warm-hearted brunch on Sunday morning in lower Manhattan. Somewhere that is nice, but not TOO expensive! Any ideas? :)

Sylvia's Cafe, ask for the leek and mushroom omelet. It is spectacular

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