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Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan Beach Areas?

I will be visiting one's nearest in Redondo Beach with a remote possability of relocating to Redondo, Hermosa, or Manhattan Beaches after living in Seattle for 28 years.

Point 1: Which of the beach areas is best for a 28 year old to live in? What are some pros-cons to each territory? Anyone else recently relocated to these areas from the Pacific Northwest?

Question 2: Can one afford to buy real-estate on one of these beaches if making 80k a year (condo, skilled in, etc)?

Just curious. Things are not in stone yet - but wanted to get an idea.

Hermosa has the most suitable night life, Manhattan is the most expensive. Don't expect to be able to buy anything even remotely near the beach for less than $1million, even a 1 bedroom condo.
There are some new condo's being built in North Redondo narrow the 405 Freeway and I think for a 1 bedroom they are starting around $600k, but they are 5 miles from the water. Rents start at about $1,200 for a 1 bedroom apartment, not close the water, $2,000 for water view, $3k for boardwalk.
Pros are it is 72 degrees year 'round with well done people everywhere, cons are it's way too crowded and you have to take the 405 Freeway to get anywhere. They named it the 405 because that is the top speed you can travelling with all the traffic; 4 'o 5 miles an hour!
Good luck

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I'm dispiriting to find a house or a nice hotel in either the hamptons, mantauk, fire island, pretty much anywhere out east on fancy island (near a beach) or manhattan for after prom. It's just going to be 6 people so we want 2-3 bedrooms...


What's The "going Rate" For Real Estate Agent's Commission In The Los Angeles County Area?

Specifically, I'm pensive about the area known as the Beach Cities - Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach.

Selling dinner party standard commission is 6% for improved real estate, and 10% for land. Yes, you can negotiate lower but assume less services such as spotty advertising, fewer open houses, etc.

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