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What Are Some Fancy Women's Clothing Stores In Manhattan?

I after to go shopping in Manhattan and I want to buy all designer clothes. Any suggestions on department stores, or just designer stores?


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What Are Some Good Stores In Manhattan New York For Teens?

Im 14 and im active into Manhattan with my mom and sister to do some shopping but im not to excited because i don't know what stores are there.

There's quite not much you won't be able to find here. On 34th street there's a big mall (3 or 4 floors) that has a ton of stores in it--with lots of stuff for teens. And scarcely in the neighborhood you'll see Forever 21, Gap, Daffy's, Strawberry's, Footlocker, Victoria's Secret, Conway's, H&M, Mandy's. In Times Na you'll find Quicksilver and the MTV store. If you go way down Broadway by 8th Street, you'll find Urban Outfitters and some cool lesser known stores like the Lone Boutique. On 6th Avenue you'll find Express and Filene's Basement. Or if you're looking for celebrity designer horse feathers, stores like Macy's carry Phat Farm, Sean John, Baby Phat, Copy, etc. What kind of stuff are you looking for? Chances are whatever it is, you can find it in Manhattan.

If I were you what I'd do is just make a list of all the stores you want to go to while you're here and look up their web sites online. Most of them have stock locators. Use that list to plan out your shopping trip a little. (You don't want to start way uptown to go to one trust in when most of the stores you want to see are way downtown. You get the idea.)

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Manhattan Clothing Stores And Skinny Jeans ?

I liev in the bronx and i in need of to exprience Manhattan ; (and i don't wanna go 2 the same stores )I only go to stores like forever21 , wetseal , h&m , expose , footlocker , and macys. Can you recommend any other stores like the ones i have mention.

Also , do you know where i can buy skinny jeans that are uncommonly really tight in the ankle ! Please I only have one pair of those and the rest are not so skinny they're more like straight

Please and Because of You.

I liking skinny jeans and I just live in a small town, but the best quality gangly jeans I know of are from Pac Sun. You can go to and the style of skinny/straight legged jeans is called Venice and Wonderful Skinny's are called Solana and Hermosa. You can get 'normal' colors such as gray, blue, or deadly and there are many shocking colors, like Hot Pink and Electric Lime.

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Large Craft Stores In The Manhattan Area?

I've justified moved to the upper west side of Manhattan. Are there any good craft stores or stores similar to Michael's or Hobby Promote in Manhattan that I can get to by subway?

Expectation this link helps.. if you dont find what you are
looking for go to and search for
micheals stores near you. rafts&find_loc=Capitals+West+Side%2C+Ma nhattan%2C+NY

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What Stores Are There In Manhattan That Is Inexpensive?!?!?

Hello, im looking foward to flourishing to New york and i was wondering if theres any good clothing stores in manhattan that are inexpensive?!?!?

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