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Can 14 Year Olds Get Jobs In New York City (manhattan)?

Go to your educational institution and request a work permit, it should be in your guidance office or an office similar. Worst comes to worst, go to the owner, thats their job!

The following is from the nys dept of labor website: "MINIMUM AGE FOR EMPLOYMENT
There are unarguable exceptions to these rules and they are subject to the employment certification regulations that follow:

Minors not yet 14 may not be employed at any while, neither after school nor during vacation

**Minors 14 and 15 years old may work after school hours and during vacations, but not in plant work. They may do delivery and clerical work in any enclosed office of a factory, and in dry cleaning, mould, shoe repair, and similar service stores.

Minors 16 and 17 years of age, if not attending approach, may work full time throughout the year. Factory work is permitted for minors 16 years of age or older. (See Maintain Prohibited Occupations and Federal Prohibited Occupations

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What Are Some Towns Close To Manhattan New York?

My dad got a job in Manhattan and we poverty to find a house that is close enough to his work and in the suburbs and safe, and the house prices not out of the roof.
What are some towns?

Most of that big apple is expensive so he'd better have a good job. If you need to commute directly into the City (Manhattan) then there are the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Islet, Queens, and The Bronx. There's also always Jersey City on the other side of the Hudson River.

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Jobs Currently Available For 15 Year Olds In New York?

i covet a job now and don't want to wait until summer. Is there any job i can do now in Manhattan,new york? if not is there any volunteer work i can do(i would really prefer to work in a medical centre)? any help or recommendations?

box in up and sleep

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Which Is The Best City In NEW YORK Which Have More Part Time Jobs?what About MANHATTAN?


What Are Good Paying Part Time Jobs For HighSchool Students? (New York)?

I am 15 yrs old and I would like a high paying job or sympathetic paying jobs in New York or particularly Manhattan because that's where my HighSchool is.If you can give me some websites go ahead.

Well you might be talented to get a job if you look hard, you can try but I don`t know if it will be "high paying"...The conservation is shot right now, basically nobody can get a job. A friend of mine is 25 and has been looking for over 9 months! What I would suggest in preference to is you try to start your own business if possible. What talents do you have? Drawing, making websites? Even walking dogs is a plausibility. I know some guys who do that for the rich people. Just try to come up with ideas, something that people distress.

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