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Please Recommend An Inexpensive Internet Service In Manhattan?

I will be living in downtown Manhattan and I am irritating to get internet service in my room. I already have a cell phone so I don't have land phone or cable, but if the internet requires it I would buy it too, although I might not exceedingly need them. I just need an internet connection that's not too slow. Could anyone recommend the most inexpensive decipherment?
I know everything in Manhattan is expensive but which internet service is relatively more affordable?

try aol

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Moving Service In Manhattan For Single Item Within City?

I am inadequate to purchase a couch off of craigslist i need someone who will pick up and drop off in my living room. Do you be versed of a reliable company that does this?

Re-beadroll with pick up street town and drop off street and area someone may answer if you do this on Craig's catalogue but be certain they are insured.

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Does Anyone Know Where To Find A Good Family Support Service In Manhattan Or The Bronx?

I'm now eloquent with my third child and i'm 24. I feel really depressed because i don't think that i'm doing the best with the two that i have. I very don't want to have the baby. I was thinking of abortion. If anyone know where I could get some help on how to deal with three kids and a husband i'm avid to listen and learn. I don't think getting rid of this child is the best solution.

try this...
Good luck

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New Yorkers: What Is The Best Cell Phone Service Provider For Manhattan?

Cingular, t-non-stationary, sprint, ? which one gets the best service?

I would say that Cingular provides the very trounce service in the NY metro area.

Now it used to be Verizon, but with Cingular and AT&T Wireless merging, their network perspicacity and number of cell sites have essentially its very tough to find a 'dead spot' in the NY region on the Cingular network.

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What Car Service In New York (Manhattan) Has The Best Price For A Trip To Long Island In An Escalade?

Four people, including myself requirement to return home from Manhattan to Suffolk County for New Year's Eve. We would like an Escalade/Navigator typewrite of vehicle to take us around 4am. Does anyone know a good company that isn't so expensive? I was hoping like $100-150 if reachable. Thanks a million

Legends Limousine - they're out on the isle (in Yaphank I think), but they're nice, reasonable and reliable.

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