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Manhattan Jobs That Still Allow Time To Enjoy Your Life?

What Manhattan jobs, which are the M-F / 9 to 5 kidney, would pay around $65,000+/annually? In addition to this, I'd love the job to have a social element to it and some sort of spice/exhilaration.

I'm great at presentation/public speaking, dealing with people, writing and I have experience with marketing, directorate and sales.

Any suggestions? I'm moving to Manhattan in October!

Go into software engineering. They flourish twice that easily. If you don't know anything about writing code, become a "QA Engineer". They are wholly the software testers, yet, they still pull in close to 6 figures.

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What Jobs Do People Living In Manhattan Have?

What are some of the communal jobs that people living comfortable in manhattan have? I want to know because I have dreams of moving to the city and I will do whatever it takes to get there and finish comfortable.

auditors, PR reps, best-selling actors, lawyers, ibankers - mostly finacial services though

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Is There Alot Of Jobs Avaliable In Manhattan ,ny For Appliance Installers?

im planning on condign gettin my clothes and chancing it ..i plan on going to ny to live

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Where Are The Best Places To Look For Recent Graduate Jobs In Manhattan?

Look on Craigslist - I've gotten both of my last 2 jobs though CL.

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Where Can I Find Jobs That Pay More Than 12 Dollars An Hour In Manhattan?

I would like to drudgery in an upscale envioronment that fixiates in the upper east or west sides of manhattan. also with limited knowledge.

Try a McDonalds or Burger Regent.

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Long Lines at Job Fair In Manhattan:

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