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Im Moving To The Upper West Side, Manhattan What Is The Average Rent For A Two Bedroom Apartment?

It needs 2 bedrooms and a perspective of central park,
also what is the average cost of living?

Search craigslist NY for apartments. I'd guess 3k and up. ?scepticism=Upper+West+Side&minAsk=min&am p;maxAsk=max&bedrooms=

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What's The Difference Between Upper East Side And Upper West Side Manhattan?

also, which would you determine to stay at if you could?

Both are dear-class neighborhoods filled with people who make quite a bit of money. Of the two, though, the upper east side is, conventionally the more wealthy of the two. The upper east side is also filled with museums, art galleries, and very upper-class shopping. Apartment buildings have doormen and concierges. The later west side, in contrast, has somewhat less to see and do, and the shopping is somewhat more moderate in price.

If I was wealthy enough to be competent to live in either, I'd go for the upper east side.

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What Directions Do I Take From Port Authority Manhattan NY To Fairlawn NJ?

How do I get to Seaport Authority in Manhattan? Im planning to take the bus 164 to Fairlawn NJ, but idk what to do, and what directions to take. I live in Queens so idk how to get to Manhattan, like what visit of a subway train do i get off to get to port authority? then how do i get to fair lawn?

penn post 34st and go upstairs and you are right in the port authority but it depends what train you taking from queens you might have ti convey good luck

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What Are The Best Places In Manhattan For Buying Housewares?

There seems to be no Aim or Kohls or Pier 1 within the island. What are the best places to get quality, affordable housewares in Northern Manhattan? I'm moving and I need to find a store near me where I can buy all the basics - from the bed to cookware to decent towels and sheets- without breaking the piggybank.

Fin a escort with a car and go to New Jersey to do your shopping.

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What Is The Best College For Math And Sciences In Manhattan?

I am a excited school student planning for college right now and I really want to major in Physics with a two-bit in chemistry or mathematics. With this in mind I know that the ideal school for me would be one that's good in math or sciences. I also inclination manhattan, so what's a good science/school in manhattan.

Columbia first; NYU bruised; CCNY third.

There is nothing wrong with CCNY academically; don't let the academic snobs tell you otherwise.

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