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Is Manhattan Beach In Long Beach, California A Family Beach For Spring Break?

Our relations is planning to go to Manhattan Beach for spring break. So, i was wondering if it was a family beach.

Manhattan beach, want beach, santa monica beach and huntington beach , newport beach all are good for family.

You can see the beach pictures in

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What Is The Significance Of The Terra Madre Organization In Brighton Beach/Manhattan Beach In Brooklyn?

I found a peice of smear from what appears to be an ancient building in Brighton/Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. The plaster contained the following dope on Terra Madre:
Terra Madre TM and there was also an unfinished word that ends in "mica." i am desperately annoying to research the remnants of this building and all i know is that Terra Madre is related to the Slow Sustenance organization and that they exist on at most 5 continents. If you have any information, please respond ASAP.

An old building? LOL How old are you that you think something quite modern could possibly be classified as 'ancient'?? Terra Madre is only 4 years old and it's an Italian-based organisation. I'm guessing that the bond is not what you think it is at all. Something bearing the name of an organisation's annual meeting which is only 4 years old isn't that mysterious.

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What's The Best Way To Get From Either Manhattan Beach To Oceanside Or Lax To Oceanside Or Somewhere Close?

I unexploded in manhattan beach and need to get to oceanside. I can't drive, but can get a ride to anywhere close to manhattan beach or the airport and then need to get some sort of bus or practise to either del mar or oceanside.. somewhere around there. I don't like public transportation and would rather not switch trains or busses... is there a normal shot???

you could take the educate from Los Angles to Oceanside
well you said you could get a ride but you dont want switch so
going to the airport and fascinating flyway wont work since you said
You would rather not switch so thats out
can your ride take to to union spot?
thats the best option
or why can't your ride take you to oceanside since you you refused'
public transit
gues you are stuck! miserable! now if you want to use public transt you could
take a dirrect bus downtown LA then amtrak or metrolink to union staition

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How Do I Get From Ramada West Hollywood To Manhattan Beach?

this will be my 1st come to see to the states, and I have no idea where anything is, I won a trip and need to get from Ramada West Hollywood to Manhattan beach where the 90210 show is filming a divide.

Hopefully its easy to get there, can anyone help???

A rip indeed, i thought it would be included. she has suggested a cab being the easiest. anyone identify what this would cost us? or the Big Lewd Bus (Santa Monica) to LAX and then transfer

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Are There Any Hauntings At Manhattan Beach Ca?

do you discern anything funny going on in manhattan beach? i really want to know!

please and thanks!

please and thanks!take a know of this,it will haunt you!!it"s as funny as any thing in manhattan !!! yearn-beach

best wishes and good luck..

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Sousa - Manhattan Beach March


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