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What To Wear On Interview At Manhattan Dance Club?

I am successful to an interview tomorrow to work as a Public Relations intern at a dance/music club in Manhattan ( related greenwich village)Its very trendy and chill. I would be working as a greeter, and doing other tasks as well.
p.s. It is the union LOVE if you were wondering.

harm a suit but accessorize it with some trendy jewelry...wear some fun other words...look exemplar but add a little kick

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Where Can I Take Free Dance Classes In Manhattan?

My sister told me there are a few places that proposition a wide variety of classes for teenagers but she never got back to me.
I would like to take some hip hop, belly dance, ballet, and african dance classes. Please give me undoubtedly a bit of information.

During Public Dance Week [May 8-May 17] you can take free dance lessons in many styles from very famous schools. You get one coupon per discipline. There are also free performances This week. Research this now. Put it on your calender. You are very lucky if you live in Manhattan. Put it on your calender

relaxed sessions of African dance for secondary education children,Inc

Dance Manhattan provides free move lessons most nights at Swing 46 [this does not appear to be teenagers only]
39 W 19th Street between 5th and 6th
Rifle With Me , a non profit organization provides free dance classes to girls in Harlem.
Faction Broadway/Columbia Stringers Program offers a free opportunity for high drill students [212 575 2929]
free salsa classes to people who live in Brooklyn
The new York See Parks and Recreation Departments offer free fitness classes. [sometimes they offer outspoken dance session in the summer. Dance classes most usually have a small fee]
Free ballet classes for boys 11 and 12 at Lincoln Center

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Where Are Indie Rock Electro Dance Clubs In Manhattan New York City?

In the big apple for another week on tour, trying to catch a place to dance crazy and drink like mad on a tuesday ceaselessly.

432 E 13th St, New York, NY

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Are There Any Hip Hop Dance Classes In Manhattan For Teens- Adults, Without A Membership Or Costly Daily Fee?

I be familiar with that there are classes in Manhattan per class but it's about $80 at the Broadway Studio. Some places need hip hop experience and I don't de facto have much of that... so does anyone have ideas?


A Good Dance School In Manhattan?

I'm looking for a agreeable dance school in Manhattan. I wanna learn hip hop and jazz. Anyone know a good school?

Dance Manhattan's Charleston Performance Class

April 26, 2007, at the Frim Fram Jam, at Baste 412.

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