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Where Are The Housing Projects In Manhattan?

i am unfixed to manhattan and want to know where the housing projects are located - is there a website online that lists their location?

There are some unbiased off the FDR in the East 90's.

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WIll The Housing Bust In Any Way Affect Manhattan Real Estate?

Manhattan existent estate seems to be immune to the housing bust. Is this likely to change? Will prices eventually go down here as well?

Perhaps to a tactic, but Manhattan, NYC as a whole, is in a unique position in the housing market. There's no available space to add more housing, unless you knock down existing housing, and more people course into NYC every day. That's not going to change. There's such a shortage of housing stock in the city, that there will never be a shortage of demand. Just try to find an apartment! Because of the vast demand, the market will bear ridiculous prices for rental and purchase properties. There will revile a time, anywhere else, that prices can't go higher. But in NYC there are more people who can afford those prices, and those who can't go across the river to NJ or even to PA. There's a lot of decent affordable housing in PA and people in the East grasp the concept of commute. Here (midwest) I crab about the 26 miles I drive to work, but if I lived in Easton PA and worked in Manhattan, I'd well-grounded accept it as a fact of life.

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Is A Studio The Cheapest Housing In Manhattan?

Well I diagram on attending NYU. I have family in Long Island, and most likely, Im going to have to stay there. But I still have to dream :). I dearth to know how much a studio could go for, and if its a smart move.

-Is a studio the cheapest housing in the city?
-I plan to get a roommate.
-Is this a savvy move?

PS- Im moving from florida so any tips would be nice. :)

studios in the urban district go as low as $1,500. This is below 125th street. The higher you go the cheaper it gets but the farther and less nice it will be. You will find studios in Brooklyn for $1000 and under.

A Roomate is not a believable idea for a studio since both of you will be living in 1 room with no privacy.

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Any Opinions On Student Housing Manhattan In New York, NY?

looking for pupil housing in manhattan nyc. or close by

Call around to all the schools. One set of beliefs used to rent out floors of Sloane House YMCA on 34th Street for dorms, but that was actually a while ago.

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Does Anyone Know If The Borough Of Manhattan Community College Has Student Housing?

I've looked on their website and can't find it anywhere. I was fair hoping someone attends the school and could give me some info.

no community colleges in NYC bid housing...very few if any in NY state do at colleges are generally 'commuter schools'

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