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Anyone Looking For Employment In Manhattan Beach, CA Working In Retail Commission Plus Salary?

hillbilly evangelist is all

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Employment For Rental Requirements In Manhattan?

What does my "uphold of employment" letter need to state to rent an apartment in NYC? I will be moving there in May and obviously starting a new job so the extensively of my employment will be zero at that job...I will have the job before I get I use my offer is this handled when someone is moving in from out of town?

You will deprivation that offer letter and it needs to say HOW MUCH you are making.

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Most Ideal Hostel And Employment Agency In Manhattan?

Virtuous like alot of people I love the idea of living in Manhattan, but I am also looking if this is prudent. To delegate this a reality, a place to live and a place to of employment is the utmost things to take care of first. I believe that range shares that are found on craigslist would take care of the living arrangements very fast and economically (I do have some funds saved for that and other expenses) but I would like to hypothecate a job first before bothering these kind people. So the basis of my question is....I would like to stay in a hostel that would be located to what, in your perception is the best employment agency/placement in Manhattan. And while I have your attention....any bartending schools that have excellent arrangement services would be appreciated and I have a heavy Southern accent will this be frowned on by patrons at bars and any patron service jobs that would interest me and will ladies dig this or will they stereotype me?...I know, this is a ton of questions so I thank you for your antiquated and honesty in advance.


Where Can I Find A Good Employment Agency In New York City?

I have googled the torture out of this and found jack squat! You would think there'd just be a general public employment agency in Manhattan to help people, but there's right-minded a plethora of weird ones for nannies and drag queens! Where can I find a reputable, free, employment action in NYC? Please help!

There aren't any great employment agency's in the united states. They are suck!

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Good Temporary Employment Agency In Manhattan For Jobs Like Valet,waiter,bartender..?

Find part-heretofore work here:

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