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Parking Garages On The Upper West Side, Manhattan?

I am looking for economical monthly parking on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, though am willing to walk far. Can anyone recommend a good garage? I currently store on the street, but hate having to move my car.

Find out out to compare all parking rates and locations in Manhattan. All garages on the Upper West Side are included, and you can even fill out a terse form requesting that garages contact you if they can offer you discounts off the posted prices. The website supports both habitually and monthly parking, and is free.

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What's It Like In Upper West Side Manhattan?

I've heard many remarkable things about it and I found a nice place to stay up by Columbia University. Is that particular part of west side worth impelling or should I keep looking?
I believe it's closer to city college now that I think about it.

Only you advised of if it's "worth moving" (especially since only you know where you're coming from). Traditionally, the "upper west side" refers to the close between the 70's and 90's, while the area up near columbia (100-120th street) is "morningside heights." I have friends who animate there and it seems quite lovely, if expensive compared to other parts of town...lots of bookstores, cafes, European influences, and twentysomethings, for bald-faced reasons. Past about 120th street, you're entering Harlem, which is also a lovely place to animate for many people (and a rapidly gentrifying area), but very different from the UWS or Morningside.

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What's The Difference Between Upper East Side And Upper West Side Manhattan?

also, which would you settle upon to stay at if you could?

Both are lofty-class neighborhoods filled with people who make quite a bit of money. Of the two, though, the upper east side is, unspecifically the more wealthy of the two. The upper east side is also filled with museums, art galleries, and very upper-class shopping. Apartment buildings have doormen and concierges. The upper west side, in set, has somewhat less to see and do, and the shopping is somewhat more moderate in price.

If I was wealthy enough to be able to live in either, I'd go for the upper east side.

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Im Moving To The Upper West Side, Manhattan What Is The Average Rent For A Two Bedroom Apartment?

It needs 2 bedrooms and a vision of central park,
also what is the average cost of living?

Search craigslist NY for apartments. I'd feeling 3k and up. ?query=Upper+West+Side&minAsk=min&am p;maxAsk=max&bedrooms=

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How Much Does A 1 Bedroom Apartment Cost To A) Purchase B) Rent In Upper West Side Manhattan?

To hold, probably around a million if it's not in a luxury building. To rent, probably close to $5000/month.

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Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York

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