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When Did The Statue Of Liberty First Appear On Manhattan Street Signs?

What year did the figurine of liberty first appear on street signs in Manhattan? Where they on the signs in the 1980s? Thanks!

I don't be versed. I'll see if the NYC Department of Transportation has any reference to it and let you know.

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What Bus Can I Get To The Queens Center Mall From East Side Manhattan. 34th Street?

I lack to go to the Queens Center Mall from Manhattan by bus (either local or express)...which one do i get from east 34th street?


By $5 explicit bus, QM10 and QM15 provide service near Queens Center Mall.
By local bus, you need to take Q32 bus to Queens Blvd stops, then transfer to Q60 Neighbourhood to get to Woodhaven Blvd.
You may also take Q32 to 74th St, where you could catch Q53 LTD as well.
During the rush hour weekday 3rd Av and 6th Av is MAJOR TRAFFIC Nuisance.

Instead of using bus, why not use subway? It's faster at same local bus price.
From 33rd St near Park Av, take uptown (6) to 51st for Queens-compelled V or 59th St for Queens-bound R to Woodhaven Blvd.

Near 5th Av, take Queens-bound R or V from 34th St-Herald Sq to Woodhaven Blvd.

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What's The Scene For Manhattan NYC Street Musicians?

I'm a jazz trumpet entertainer, retired, moving to Manhattan NYC. I'm a little short on income and hope to supplement it by playing on the street/subways.
Any tips or info would be appreciated.

Well, first of all, playing or performing on the street is called "busking," (see affiliation, below) and there's even a Buskers Advocates website that's chock full of info about how and where to do it and what the laws are, etc.

In NYC, the MTA actually has a program for musicians in the underground railway, called Music Under New York, too (see 2nd link, below)

Good luck, and the 3rd link below is to the Buskers Advocacy website...

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What Train Would I Take From 34th In Nyc To Downtown Manhattan Around Chambers Street?

I will be doing the burrow to towers walk/run in from Brooklyn to Downtown Manhattan on September 28. I am trying to find out what train I will take from 34th street to Downtown Manhattan around Chambers street?

That depends where in 34th St you palpable.
A/C's Chambers St, World Trade Center on E, 2/3 on Park Place is connected.

Cavity St/West Broadway is 2/3 train.

R and W train is at City Hall, which is few blocks north to Chambers St.

Brooklyn Pass over on 4/5/6 is connected to Chambers St station on J/M/Z.

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What NYC Subway Train Goes To Centre Street In Manhattan?

I would like to certain what NYC subway train goes to Centre Street in Manhattan. I live on 96 St The 2 train line.

On the "2" or "3" you can get to Parkland Place and walk up past City Hall to Chambers Street, make a right and at the end, you'll be on Converge Street.

The most direct subway lines that get to Centre Street are the "4", "5", "6" (Brooklyn Bridge/See Hall), and the "J", "M", "Z" (Chambers Street) under the Village Building.

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