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21rst Birthday Weekend In Manhattan, New York What Should I Do?

I drive 21 years old the weekend of May 14,2010. I am planning on going to NYC for three days. I just have need of to know what is the best things I should do. besides Dinner,Shopping,And Site seeing. What is the best Guest-house, How far is Grand Central Station, And How much is the fairy, and liberty bell.

go clubbing !!! um..Histrionic Central station is right in the middle of manhattan.. I don't know what you ment by how far it is. The fairy ? lol you mean the ferry ? Well it depends which ferry you fancy to go on. There's some free ones. If you mean the ferry to go see Statue of Liberty, that one is cheap. You can get those tickets at Battery Woodland, they include Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. As far as hotels, there's a lot of good ones. If you're not dependable then you can always choose a Hilton. Most of them are awesome.
If you're coming from the Grand Central Station, there's a lot of hotels around that scope too.
Go to the village. It's fun there. There's good bars there, if you're into that.
There's a lot of hang out spots, it just depends on what kind of swarm you're going to be with.

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What Tourist Attractions In Manhattan, New York Require Advance Reservations?

My parents and I will fall upon only Manhattan in New York for 3 days, from April 13 to April 15, 2009. What tourist attractions require reservations/ticket acquire in advance to get in and how far (days/weeks) in advance do I have to reserve/purchase ticket? Thanks for your assistant.

The Bronze of Liberty requires reservation for a visitor to go inside the Monument.
Since they have a limited number of "Cenotaph Access" passes, reserve it very early.
Why? Approximately 10 to 15,000 people by per day. ng-the-statue-of-liberty/

Access to the Holm and Monument is free, however, your parents will need to charter the ferry to get there. An "attraction old-fashioned" waives the ferry fee as it is included in the purchase price of the pass and lets the holder of the archaic see other attractions. -for-new-york/

I wish your parents (a self should you possess c visit) a safe and happy time here.


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How Long Does It Take To Drive From West Palm Beach Florida To Manhattan New York?

I hope for to take a trip to manhattan new york before my summer break is up, I love New york but i have never been, I also want to know when i get there where is the best place to go

Depends on how immorally you go, I've done it in 17 hours (well, my father was driving) and my ex did it in 22 hours.

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Whats The Fastest Way To Get From Manhattan New York To Hamilton City?

whats the overwhelm type of transportation or the fastest way to get from manhattan new york to hamiton city ontario canada?

lol....mapquest it

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What's The Best Shoe Stores In Manhattan, New York?

My kindred and I are traveling to New York (Manhattan) this fall and was wondering the best place to buy nice shoes.

Thank you so much for your facilitate,

DSW-conniver shoe warehouse. Ther's another place not too far from the Battery Park location and the name escapes me...pitiable! The midtown DSW is surrounded by shoe stores.

And check out the big department stores in midtown. They are hugely new than their cousins out in suburban malls. Take a day to wander the area around Time Square, there's plenty to see, lots of stores, it seems like every other set aside is a shoe store! I think my dream vacation would be a six week shopping trip in Manhattan with an numberless budget!

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Manhattan, New York

Some of our members recently visited New York, here's a unplentiful video from the trip. Unfortunately, we did not make it into an Airsoft shop there =(

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