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Can Offers Be Made On New Development Condos In Manhattan?

I memory that new development condos list a price and thats the final. Can offers be made?

In veritable estate there are two very old expressions:
1] You [the Buyer] names the price.
They [the Seller] names the terms.

You [the Client] names the terms.
They [the Seller] names the price.

Somewhere in the middle there might be an agreement on price and terms.

2] A hallmark - any property - is ONLY worth what the Buyer is willing to pay for it AND what the Seller is willing to sell it for - not one dollar more or less!

AND, when financing is confusing, what the lender will appraise the property for and lend money for the mortgage.

THE ONLY way you're going to find out what the Seller's bottom Theatre sides is, is to make a written offer on the property.

By the way: DON’T EVEN TRY naming the price AND the terms. it’s a toytal shrink of time and very frustrating and aggravating.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my unaffected last name!

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I Am Thinking Of Buying A Condo In Manhattan. What Is The Best Place To Research Manhattan Condos?

Have you been pre-approved yet? If not you can log onto and get a hunger strike pre-approval with access to great loan programs and low rates. We would also be able to set you up with a specialized legitimate estate agent to help you with your condo search. Also for further assistance feel free to ring up me at 866 530 7300 ext 7305 or by email at

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Does Any Know Any Decent Condos Or Lofts In The Upper East Side Manhattan?

I looking for A right condo or loft in new york. Does anybody knows of a decent condo with a immense view of Central Park with a very nice kitchen with an amazing island and great bathroom. That new and up to date. I am deciding between New York and LA for enterinment business that I currently studying for. I want to act in movies

I should suspect that there are dozens of condos and co-ops for sale that fit this description. Lofts unlikely as there are no industrial buildings bordering Cardinal Park.

Just Google for apartments for sale on Central Park West, Significant Park South, Fifth Avenue and 110th Street.

Central Park views are up-market.

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Where Can I Find Listings To Buy A Manhattan Condo?

I'm tough to do a lot of my research on the internet. My max price is 250. I heard the upper east side by the river is affordable. But are there any of these listings on the internet or do I to be sure ' have to go through a reality?

Looking to buy in February or March and have 100% perfect credit.

if does not get you what you fall short of, I have a partner
there who can get you what you want.

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High Class Manhattan Condos/apartments?

can anyone give me some names of some up-market condominiums or apartments in greenwich village and chelsea?

Every part of the country in the village and chelsea is expensive.

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