Your loved ones are the blessings in your life, and you want to express your gratitude to them in the best way possible. But you find yourself confused about how to thank them and their unique contribution to your life.

Well, one of the most favorite paths adopted by people these days is to give a gift in order to show their love and affection. Whether you want to give a gift to your lover, parents, friends, or anyone dear to you, the process is tedious and may require you to put a lot of thought into it. And, when it comes to romantic gifts for him, the bar is raised even higher.

To rescue you, we have curated a list of 17 romantic gifts for him that he’ll love. We have kept in mind the needs of everyone and made sure the gifts are budget-friendly without compromising the adorable factor.

Keep on reading to find your perfect romantic gift for him to leave your guy astounded!

1. Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

Is your guy a music freak? Does music is what keeps him going and motivated? Then, the perfect romantic gift for him will be wireless headphones. Sometimes people find their escape in music and feel happy while doing so, and these wireless headphones are perfect for doing this job. Also, we are sure that nothing is more important to you than the happiness of your guy, so shower him with all your love and gift him a little box of happiness in the form of wireless headphones to make him feel like the happiest guy in the world.

2. Signature Scent

Signature Scent

Suggest us some more romantic gifts for him than a lovely bottle of fragrance, and we will wait. We are sure you can’t think of anything. We do relate with you. A personalized fragrance or any perfume from a well-known brand can be an ideal romantic gift for him that he can’t help but thank you over and over every time he uses it. The fragrance reminds him of you whenever he wears it and heads out the door. Discover countless romantic fragrances online or shop them from stores in your area. You can find perfumes with a hint of vanilla, sandalwood, fresh peonies, and many more to remind him of being in love.

3. Marshall


Talking about the love for music and forgetting the classic Marshall? A complete no from anyone. This one is for old-school guys who have endless love for music and love to play it in a not-so-fancy way. Surprise your man with a lovely marshall to make his heart melt and fall in love with you every time he plays a love song on it. Whether you choose to play the latest songs from a contemporary playlist or some old and meaningful classical notes on Marshall, it would be an ideal date for you two. Find Marshall on Amazon or in your nearby thrift store for a cheaper option, and we promise it would do justice to your purpose of surprising him with an aesthetic gift.

4. Oversized T-shirts

Oversized T-shirts

Are you looking for romantic gifts for him that are cute and adorable as well? Fine, we’ve got you. Oversized t-shirts are the new and trendy substitute for stiff and formal gentleman’s clothing. It will make your guy look super cute, plus they are undeniably comfy and come in multiple colors, including pastels. Gift these oversized t-shirts to your guy, which are ideal for lazy Sundays, relaxing holidays, and unexpected traveling days. You can buy them online or head to your nearest store and pick some of those oversized t-shirts for your guy to rock in them, and do not forget to take some selfies to keep them as memories.

5. Sneakers


Following the same line of ideas, one of his most preferred romantic gifts is an adorable pair of sneakers. The sneakers can be high-end or dupe, but make sure the comfort factor doesn’t fade away in the run of finding stunning-looking sneakers. Also, a great tip is to get yourself also a pair of the same unisex sneakers and rock the streets with your guy and take cute photos as well. You can get a pair of sneakers online during sales or use the vouchers you have been saving for so long for a special occasion, and what is a more moment than to surprise your guy with incredible sneakers in the form of a gift?

6. Bathing Staples

Bathing Staples

Nothing is more romantic than giving your guy a customized basket of bathing staples. A variety of body washes, moisturizing lotions, scented candles, and a soothing self-written side note. You can purchase such a basket online or customize it by yourself after collecting the items. Find an aesthetic straw basket, place all the items, and decorate it with some confetti or hand-written notes. A little extra effort to pamper your guy will not spoil him. This must certainly be on this list of romantic gifts for him.

7. A Plant

A Plant

Is your lover a nature lover? We have something extra special for you on this list, then. Let your problem of deciding on romantic gifts for him take a back seat. How about giving him a special gift that nourishes his soul? Gift him something from which he could learn, cherish, and most importantly, it could help him to grow. Many people find themselves lost in search of happiness and contentment. Therefore, a plant can be a perfect therapeutic fix for it. Gift him a bonzai or a mini house plant of which he can take care, grow and learn from it about the importance of existing in this wilderness of the world.

8. Date Night Coupons

Date Night Coupons

When you run out of options and want to play safe, gift him something you do not have to put a lot of your thoughts into. For instance, how about the coupons for a movie date night? Or a romantic dinner on the rooftop? Or even better, a night stay in an extremely posh hotel? Nothing can beat these ideas of these romantic gifts for him as this will help you to spend quality time with your guy and make endless memories with him. You will be able to bring a smile to his face without putting too much effort because, let’s be honest, romance and love is most enjoyed when it happens effortlessly.

9. His Favorite Book

His Favorite Book

What is your ideal date? Your comfort person is reading your favorite book; that is what the perfect date sounds like. Gift him the book he has been eyeing for a while, a book from his favorite author, or even better, a collection of first-hand copies of his favorite books (only if the pocket allows, haha.. ). But a book is a souvenir, a collection of feelings, and even a precious thing over all those expensive items most people gift to each other. Do something special and think out of the box; after all, he is your sweetheart.

10. A Love Scarf

A Love Scarf

Do you want to protect your guy from getting cold? Do you want to wrap him in warmness and comfort on a windy, cold day? Then a love scarf will be an ideal pick. Choose from a wide variety of neutral to pastel colors that suit his personality. You can find a soft, good-looking, and inexpensive scarf in an online store or anywhere in a store in your area. This scarf will make him remind of you and the love you both shared once. People come and go, but the memories stay, so create sweet memories by exchanging romantic gifts for him with your significant other.

11. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

When it comes to deciding on romantic gifts for him, your mind can go thinking 360 degrees but still find it difficult to search for the ideal gift. Let’s play safe and choose a luxurious, classy, rich-looking wallet for him. You can find the perfect wallet from a well-known brand, but you have to keep an eye on the times when these brands call for sales to make a budget-friendly purchase for the wallet. Go for a tan-brown wallet or a classic black one to surprise him with your cute and adorable gift that is minimalist yet can make a statement with its appearance.

12. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Indulge in the love of coffee with you and your loved one by gifting him a coffee maker. Let’s be honest, as everyone loves a good cup of coffee before starting their day, this coffee maker can be a lifesaver. This is one of those most suitable romantic gifts for him that he can use every day. The cherry on top is that you can both celebrate a coffee date at home whenever you visit his place. Hold on a long conversation while sipping coffee and losing yourself in its aroma to set the mood right. You can find a cute, handy coffee maker in any online store with multiple budget-friendly options.

13. Customized Mug

Customized Mug

Talking about coffee and not calling for a beautiful, cute, and adorable mug will be a complete no-no. This is one of those romantic gifts for him that require very less thought, is common, and is preferred by many people. Customize a cup with a photo of you together, or get a print of any romantic quote over it for a personalized touch. This idea is budget-friendly, romantic, and, most importantly, liked by most people. You can find a shop in your area that can easily customize anything for you on the mug. Go for trendy ceramic mugs that are durable, look decent, and can match the romantic vibe.

14. Bake a Cake

Bake a Cake

Are you a talented lover who wants to not only make the heart happy but wants to satisfy the soul of your man as well? Surprise him with a delicious, creamy, and romantic-looking cake. Use colors like pink, white, and red to give it an aesthetic and romantic touch. But what if you don’t know how to bake a cake? Then, worry not; we’ve got you covered. There are many online cooking websites that provide multiple recipes for baking a cake. This yummy in-tummy cake will be one of the unique romantic gifts for him that he can’t help but thank you for several days.

15. Watch


This is one of the most favorite gifts of all the guys out there. Surprise your man with a branded watch as a romantic gift for him that he has been eyeing for so long. The watch can be a perfect gift if he loves to dress up formally, or you can even buy a smart watch to escalate the gifting game. Nothing is as romantic as wearing something every day, and that, too, given by your loved one, can make it extra special. So give your man a token of love that he will thank you every time he wears it.

16. Trekking Bag

Trekking Bag

If your guy is into traveling and traveling is what keeps him going, then gifting a traveling bag would be a great idea. This is one of the rarest ideas that most people do not consider when talking about romantic gifts for him. But if you are willing to give something that he can put to use rather than show pieces that he barely encounters on a daily basis. Then give him a usable trekking bag for his journeys with you, friends, and family. You can find many trekking bags online that are budget-friendly, looks attractive, and perfect to be gifted to your loved ones.

17. Journal


Gifting a journal to a guy can sound strange, but it is actually a thoughtful gift for men who are soft and sweet and like to note down their thoughts and feelings. Yes, you heard us write men also feel and write their feelings. A journal can be the savior when you are not with him and he wants someone to talk to. He can just write down his day, secrets, or desires in that journal. Find a beautiful journal that is aesthetically pleasing which will allure him to write. And you can also encourage him to write as a hobby whenever he feels too overwhelmed or escape from reality. It is an amalgamation when elegance meets imagination.

Summing It Up

In this extensive list of romantic gifts for him, we are sure we helped you in finding an ideal gift for your guy. The list is comprised of items that are budget-friendly, look attractive, and can touch the heart of a person. Whether you want something fancy, minimalist, or strictly romantic, we have curated options that suit your taste.

We empathize when you feel anxious about selecting a gift for your better half, and we have tried our best to make your process of selecting a gift for him seamless. Do not worry; no matter what you choose, its the little efforts and the intentions in selecting it that really matter.

Surprise your guy and make him feel special and loved by gifting him something from this list of romantic gifts for him!

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