With small closets being a common trend, however, its a challenge to organize them effectively, especially in urban living spaces. Finding innovative and simple solutions for a closet organization can be your best friend. With this, you can cleverly organize things to find them easily next time when you look for them.

These DIY ideas for small closets dive into practical yet budget-friendly ways to maximize your space and get more out of your compact wardrobe and create a functional and stylish closet using IKEA products.

From clever storage solutions to smart space-saving ideas, today we will delve into IKEA’s catalog to give your small and sad closet a run for its money and transform it into an organized, clutter-free haven while making sure that till the next clean-up day, you won’t be late to your office or a special meetup.

Small Closet Ideas DIY IKEA Hacks for Your Wardrobe

Let’s swim into some of these haven ideas for your chaos-stricken wardrobe.

1. Closet Shelves: A Hidden Gem

By installing Ikea shelves, you can maximize your unused vertical space. Use them to store folded clothes, shoes, or accessories neatly. These shelves are not only functional but also stylish, adding a modern touch to your closet.

Additionally, you can further optimize the space by adding storage bins or baskets to keep smaller items organized and easily accessible. By doing this, you will be able to use more of the closet than its intended purpose giving you more space to work with, making it one of the best small closet DIY ideas.

A Hidden Gem

2. Closet Accessories: Let’s Hang Them Now

How about investing in IKEA’s hanging organizers to keep those belts, scarves, and hats in check while being easily accessible and tangle-free? These hanging organizers come in various shapes and sizes and quirky designs, allowing you to customize your closet space according to your needs and how your decor wants. They are not only practical but also add a touch of organization and style to your closet while keeping it clean and making everything easier to get when needed or to show to someone giving you a simple small closet DIY idea.

Let’s Hang Them Now

3. Shoe Wall: Day and Night Shoes Should Have Their Own Space

Mount an IKEA Shoe Storage unit on the back of your closet door or wall. This will keep your footwear collection organized and within reach. Not only will this shoe wall save up some space, but it will also allow you to easily see and select what pair you want to go on with your day, giving you an easy and budget-friendly small closet DIY idea. Additionally, you can customize the shoe wall by adding labels or dividers to enhance the organization of your collection further while keeping your closet clean from dirt and mud and giving extra space to work with.

Day and Night Shoes Should Have Their Own Space

4. Curtain Rods: Working in The Clouds

Attach IKEA curtain rods inside your closet to hang purses, ties, or even jewelry, making it ideal for small closet DIY ideas. This simple IKEA hack not only increases the amount of space in your closet by separating the two areas but giving you additional space to work with while keeping your accessories organized and easily accessible. Apart from this, you can easily customize the height and arrangement of the curtain rods to accommodate different sizes and types of items.


5. Drawer Dividers: Divide and Conquer

How about installing IKEA drawer dividers to separate socks, underwear, or accessories? This will save you time and eliminate the frustration of digging through messy drawers. Drawer dividers are a useful helping hand for organizing and separating items within a drawer. They not only maximize space but also prevent items from becoming a jumbled mess in your closet. You can use this fun small closet DIY idea in your kitchen, office, or bedroom. This small closet hack creates a neat and orderly space in any place.

Divide and Conquer

6. Belt Hanger: Another Thing to Hang

Use an IKEA belt and tie rack inside your closet to hang belts neatly. This will also help prevent them from getting tangled. IKEA’s belt and tie rack DIY idea for small closets can be a great solution for organizing ties as well. It provides individual hooks for each belt, allowing easy access and visibility. Additionally, the compact design of the tie rack ensures that it doesn’t take up much space in your closet while keeping lots of things hassle-free.

Another Thing to Hang

7. Hooks: Convenient Space for Handbags

Place IKEA hooks on the inside of your closet door or walls to hang robes, jackets, or handbags. Additionally, installing hooks on the walls of your bedroom or closet can provide a convenient spot to hang handbags, keeping them easily accessible or organized. An example of this sneaky small closet DIY idea is you can install hooks on the inside of the door to hang your frequently used jackets or robes, freeing up precious space on the clothing rod and giving you extra space to hang your wrinkle-free shirts.

Convenient Space for Handbags

8. Legging Organizer: Even Legs Need a Space to Breathe

Legging Organizers are secret small closet DIY idea ninja techniques that have been passed down from generation. Use an IKEA pants hanger with multiple clips to store leggings, tights, or stockings. This will keep them wrinkle-free and easy to locate. On top of that, the legging organizer can help save space in your already space-deprived closet as it allows you to hang multiple pairs at once, and that too on one hanger. This practical solution ensures that your leggings remain neatly organized and readily accessible whenever you want them.

Even Legs Need a Space to Breathe

9. Cube Storage: Not the K-Pop Company

Another sneaky DIY idea for small closets is IKEA cube storage units to store folded clothes or accessories. Label each cube to find what you need and how you need it easily. By doing this, you can easily sort through your things without worrying about losing them or not finding them on time. For example, you can put your socks, foot warmers, and stocking in one and name it footwear hence, keeping it sorted when you need it for a get-and-go.

Not the K-Pop Company

10. Display Jewelry: Let’s Put It on The Show

Hang an IKEA pegboard inside your closet to showcase your jewelry collection. This will add a decorative touch while keeping your accessories organized. Not only will this small closet DIY idea create a visually appealing display, but it will also make it easier for you to find and select your perfect piece to complete your look. Also, you can customize the pegboard by adding hooks or small shelves to accommodate different types of jewelry like necklaces, earrings and etc.

Let’s Put It on The Show

11. Scarf Hanger: A Separate Haven

Just like a tie and belt rack, hang an IKEA hanger with multiple loops to neatly organize your scarf collection. This simple yet efficient closet DIY idea will not only save space in your closet but also make it easier for you to find that perfect scarf that will pull your outfit together. The loops on the hanger allow you to hang multiple scarves in a clean and organized manner, keeping them wrinkle-free and ready to go when needed and making sure they don’t get lost in the rest of your things.

A Separate Haven

12. Tie Display: Why Should Jewelry Have All the Fun

Install an IKEA tie hanger to hang and display your marvelous collection of ties. It will make selecting the perfect accessory like walking in a park. A tie display is a device used in retail stores to showcase different styles and colors of ties doesn’t mean it can’t be a nice addition to your space, making it a box DIY for a small closet in your home. It typically consists of rotating stands with hooks and clips where the ties can be hung easily, allowing you to choose and style your outfit accordingly.

Why Should Jewelry Have All the Fun

13. Handbag Organizer

This will keep your purse in pristine condition and easily accessible while giving you a pocket-friendly small closet DIY idea. For example, you can hang the IKEA handbag organizer in your closet and use it to store your collection of designer handbags. Each purse can have its own compartment, preventing them from getting scratched or damaged. When you need to switch out your handbag, you can easily scan and choose your next one and get on with your day.

Handbag Organizer

14. Accessory Tray: Choose Like in The Movies

Place a beautiful IKEA tray on a shelf or in a drawer to keep small accessories like watches, sunglasses, or hair ties organized, creating a perfect closet DIY idea. The accessory tray is a convenient addition to any wardrobe with space issues. It provides a designated area to store small things such as hoops, pins, hair accessories, safety pins, and other accessories, keeping them within easy reach. This not only helps to declutter your closet but also helps you to save your precious time, making it a perfect small closet idea to keep your beautiful accessories safe and sound.

Choose Like in The Movies

15. Customize Closet Lights: Your Life is Not Dark

Install IKEA LED light strips or motion sensor lights inside your closet for better visibility. It might not seem like a small closet DIY idea that can help, but this will make finding items a breeze while making things more organized, creating space that would have been lost if things had been unorganized. Not only will the installation of IKEA LED light strips or motion sensor lights inside your closet enhance visibility, but it will also add a dimension along with modernity to your space. Say bye-bye to fumbling in the dark and welcome a stylish and functional solution for organizing your belonging.

Your Life is Not Dark

16. Picture Ledges: You Can Hang Other Things as Well

An out-of-the-box small closet DIY idea is installing IKEA picture ledges inside your closet to display shoes, handbags, or other decorative items. For example, a person can install IKEA picture ledges inside their closet to create a stylish and organized shoe display. They can use the ledges to showcase their favorite pairs of shoes, making it easier to find and choose that oh-so-picture-perfect pair for any outfit for any occasion.

You Can Hang Other Things as Well

17. Vanity Mirror: Beauty is important

Mount an IKEA vanity mirror inside your closet to create a mini dressing area. This allows you to try on outfits and make-up with ease. Not only will this save space in your bedroom, but it will also provide a convenient and organized spot for getting ready each day. This will also keep your make-up organized without losing a single Lipstick, gloss and etc., making it the best DIY idea for a small closet to keep your make-up organized.

Beauty is important

18. Hangers with Clips: If You Like It, Then Clip It

Invest in IKEA hangers with clips to hang pants, skirts, or shorts. This will prevent them from getting wrinkled and save space. Additionally, the clips on these hangers provide a secure grip, ensuring that your garments stay and don’t slip off. Not only this DIY small closet idea makes your small closet organized, but it will also make it easier to find and select the perfect outfit without any hassle. Hangers with clips is one of the best solutions to make use of your entire wardrobe.

If You Like It, Then Clip It

19. Stackable Boxes: Just Like Pizza Boxes

Use IKEA’s magnificent stackable storage boxes to organize smaller items like accessories, socks, or lingeries. These boxes can be easily stacked and labeled for effortless organization, making them an incredible closet DIY idea. Let’s say you decide to use them to organize your jewelry collection. They can label each box with categories like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, making it easy to find and access a specific piece. Stackable boxes come in various shapes and sizes depending on your preference and space.

Just Like Pizza Boxes

20. Label Everything: Everything Shouldn’t Be Expensive

Who said sorting and organizing should be expensive and time-consuming to do? Use IKEAS’s label to identify the contents of each storage bin or drawer clearly. This will save you time and ensure everything has its designated space, making it the perfect DIY small closet idea. Not only will labeling everything help you stay organized, but it will also make it easier for others to find what they need without any confusion. Fun tip, consider using color-coded labels to streamline the organization process further and make it visually appealing.

Everything Shouldn’t Be Expensive

21. Foldable Laundry Basket: Think Outside Your Closet

Small closet DIY ideas are not only restricted inside the closet but can take you outside of it as well. Like IKEA’s laundry basket, which can help you by keeping all the dirty or extra clothes off the floor and that closet. It can easily be stored when not in use. This hamper is not only practical but also pace-saving. Its collapsible design allows you to effortlessly tuck it away in a closet or under the bed, maximizing your living space.

Think Outside Your Closet

22. Underbed Space: Clothes Can Keep Company to Monsters

Make use of the space under the bed to increase storage in a small bedroom and closet, giving you a hidden small closet idea DIY. Place bulky items or out-of-season clothing in IKEA’s under-bed storage boxes. Thus, valuable wardrobe space will be fired up. This frequently ignored space can offer plenty of space for storage. You can keep out-of-season clothes, even shoes, under it. Depending on your requirement and preferences, there are a number of ways to make the most of this closet hack.

Clothes Can Keep Company to Monsters

23. Over-The-Door Storage: Be on Cloud 9

In a closet, the thing that occupies your space the most is your everyday wear shoes, but a simple DIY idea for a small closet for them is this IKEA’s over-the-door shoe organizer to store shoes. These organizers can easily hold your day-to-day wear shoes, making sure to give your closet ample space to keep your things while also keeping your precious and expensive shoes safe and sound. This would keep your everyday shoes organized and easily accessible when you are ready to head out.

Something is Meant to Be Kept Open

24. Ironing Station: Something is Meant to Be Kept Open

Create a mini ironing station by incorporating an IKEA ironing board that folds down from the wall or attaches to the inside of your closet door. This space-saving solution allows you easily access the ironing board whenever needed without taking up valuable floor space, making it an easy small closet DIY idea by your bed. This board can also help by keeping your day-to-day clothes that are ironed and ready to use without wrinkling them.

Keep Things Sorted

25. Clear Storage Bin: Keep Things Sorted

Make use of IKEA Clear storage bins for storing items that are not frequently used, like out-of-season clothes or shoes that you don’t wear anymore, creating a perfect DIY idea for a small closet. This will allow you to easily see what is inside each bin without looking inside it at all. For example, you can use these bins to store your winter coat collection, and on special occasions, you can take out your perfect coat by rummaging through multiple opaque boxes.

Keep Things Sorted

Some More Tips and Tricks to Get the Best out Of Your Closet

26. Remove the Door: Let It All In

If you have a small closet in your room and because of the door makes it feel cramped, tight, and hard to fit things in, remove the door or make it a pocket door. By doing this, your closet will look a little bigger, and things won’t feel like their life is being squeezed out.

Let It All In

27. Internal Divider: Use Every Nook and Cranny

Try using every nook and cranny of the closet by adding trays or dividers. Add hanging drawers in small areas or add a shelf to make use of everything a closet has to offer.

Use Every Nook and Cranny

28. Use a Rack: Some Things Should Be Left Outside

A freestanding rack is a lifesaver for those who have a small closet that is filled up to the brim. With your wardrobe being exposed, it’ll make you keep your rack all clean and organized.

Some Things Should Be Left Outside

29. Wicker Basket: Vintage meets Modern Design

Beautiful finishes and made of solid materials, these woven wicker baskets keep your things nicely tucked away without compromising your interior or decor. At the same time, enjoy something that is out of the ordinary.

Vintage meets Modern Design

30. Use Your Furniture: A Little Twist to Normal

Use already existing furniture in your house and give it a spin by adding an extra drawer or a small storage box to keep that extra stuff hiding back in your already-filled closet.

A Little Twist to Normal


Wardrobes and closets are something that we go through them every day while looking for clothes, shoes, or any other thing, and seeing a cluttered room can completely ruin our mood.

While thinking that organizing and maintaining a closet can be tough for one that is quite small but it doesn’t mean that it should stop you from having a Pinterest-worthy closet that is beautiful, functional, and practical.

IKEA offers plenty of options that can make your ideal wardrobe that can be part of your day-to-day life without bothering you in any way or form. A budget-friendly, pocket agreeing closet should be part of everyone’s life, making getting ready an experience that makes them happy.

With these 25 IKEA-friendly small closet DIY ideas, why not stop by your nearest IKEA and get what you need and get started on creating your favorite spot of your house and enjoy getting ready in the morning?

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