Are you looking for effective ways to help you organize your bedroom? Then, you are at the right place. We know that nothing can be as confusing and difficult as organizing a messy bedroom, especially when you have limited space. But such challenges can inspire you to push your boundaries and creatively make things work.

When you are not ready to compromise by giving up on items that you want in your bedroom but still strive for a minimalist vibe, the situation becomes really difficult. But relax; we are here to help you.

In this article, you will find some of the most innovative and creative bedroom organization ideas to transform your small bedroom into a haven with limited space but multiple functionalities.

1. Boxes to Keep Small Items

Boxes to Keep Small Items.jpg

To keep the items in an organized manner and have access to them whenever you want is the dream of many. But the question is, what can help you to achieve such convenience? The best possible solution to keep your stuff organized and quick access is to keep them in small organizing boxes that will take little space and store all your items in an organized manner. Put labels on the boxes so you do not have to search for items when in need.

2. Book Shelves Over the Bed

Book Shelves Over the Bed

For all the book lovers who find it difficult to give up on their books and end up piling up books in their room. The best and quick solution for keeping the books and bedroom organized would be to construct shelves over the bed, enabling you to stay away from the stack of books lying in every corner of your bedroom. This hack is a lifesaver and the most convenient for bed organization ideas.

3. Build Shelves for Shoes in Unused Corners

Build Shelves for Shoes in Unused Corners

Do you have unused corners in your room and don’t know how to bring them to use? Sometimes little things like shoes can also create a big mess in your bedroom. Do not freak out. We’ve got you covered as we have come up with one of the best bedroom organization ideas, that is, building shelves in the corners of your room to use that extra space and keep your shoes organized way. Trust us; this idea will also look aesthetically pleasing, escalating the overall appearance of your room.

4. Wall Hooks to Display Items Creatively

Wall Hooks to Display Items Creatively

It is okay to not give up on old items like your first ever bought album, the t-shirt of your favorite football player, the hat you bought last summer from a flea market, and literally anything that you want to keep forever as a souvenir. But keeping all these things organized and in place in your small bedroom is a challenge. Worry not. You can install some hooks on your wall and put all these items in a stylish or fancy way for display that will solve the purpose of organizing your stuff effortlessly.

5. A Pegboard for a Creative Display

A Pegboard for a Creative Display

If your small bedroom has little space and you are someone struggling to organize your piled-up stuff, then using a pegboard is a wonderful option. Install a colorful pegboard on a wall that can be used to hang items without compromising the aesthetics of your room. One can never go wrong with a beautiful pegboard that draws attention and transforms your space to display items stylishly and practically. Many budget-friendly options are available for pegboard that you can find online or perhaps in a market near your area.

6. Wood Crafts

Wood Crafts

Do you want to get creative in making your bedroom organized? Consider doing some DIY wood crafts for the walls of your bedroom. You can find many tutorials or DIYs that can help you build a storage shelf using old wood. This can be a great budget-friendly option to enable you to customize your own storage unit. The best part is you can decide the shape and size of the storage unit that matches your room’s vibe.

7. Rods in Empty Spaces

Rods in Empty Spaces

Sometimes we totally forget the significance of empty spaces. We are too busy finding ways or complaining about the small space and using it as an excuse for a messed up room. But the truth is you can also utilize the little empty spaces and save yourself from piling up your stuff around every corner of your room. Installing rods in empty spaces can be another one of the perfect bedroom organization ideas. You can simply put all your used or used clothes in those rods and make your room a tidy and clean space.

8. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer.jpg

Women constantly struggle to keep their jewelry in place. We are sure that you have also been searching for ways through which your jewelry can stay at a place that is reachable when you are getting ready. Investing in an expensive jewelry organizer cannot be possible for everyone. So a basic rustic jewelry organizer that does not take much space can be a perfect option for you. Get your hands on a rustic organizer that can be hung on a wall easily and does not burn your pocket as well.

9. A Clothing Rack

A Clothing Rack.jpg

You must have seen the clothing racks in most of the movies and TV shows. Well, it is quite normal to witness such clothing racks in rooms that are aesthetically pleasing. The good part about the clothing rack is that it doesn’t require you to spend a lot, takes much less space, and helps you achieve a minimal look. You can simply place the clothing rack in any corner of your space, and it will work as one of the great small bedroom organization ideas. Display your clothes in an open way using this clothing rack.

10. Fabric Organizer

Fabric Organizer

The most affordable and easily available organizer you can find in small bedroom organization ideas is a fabric organizer. This organizer can be hung on a wall and is available in multiple colors and designs. Fabric organizer is perfect for holding your car keys, pens, visiting cards, and many more small items. The best part is it is eco-friendly, readily available, and can blend with any bedroom idea. The purpose of organizing your stuff is also solved by such initiatives.

11. Closet Drawers

Closet Drawers

Many online websites sell drawer organizers to keep your stuff mess-free. Such drawers are ideal for storing different items like lingerie, makeup items, candles, perfumes, etc. The best part is they can fit inside your wardrobe and take up little space. You can also put name slips on the front of these drawers to avoid confusion when you need any particular item. Find closet drawers online or at any flea market near your area.

12. Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks.jpg

What is better than the stone hooks that match the aesthetic of your room? Pick colorful stones that can work as hooks to hang your clothes, hats, necklaces, or anything you feel should not be lying around in your room. Stones have been used for decoration purposes for a long time, and using them as a hook to hang your extra items can be one of the effective small bedroom organization ideas. Arrange the stone hooks on the walls of your room for organization purposes.

13. Shelves at a Height

Shelves at a Height

This may sound crazy, but constructing shelves at a height can help you achieve the purpose of organizing your small bedroom. In ancient houses, when rooms and houses were not equipped with multi-storage wardrobes, people used to build such storage shelves at a height. You can also follow the same pattern and form shelves at the height of your room to store items that you do not use quite often. You can make it appear nice by decorating it with some plants or related items.

14. Store Bins for Storing Garments

Store Bins for Storing Garments

You might feel shy or confused regarding how you can manage your garments properly. Sometimes when your friends visit your room without informing you, and you find it difficult to hide away your day-to-day essentials like undergarments, storage bins can be your savior. Buy storage bins from nearby supermarkets or find them online at an effective price. You can simply fold your garments and keep them in these storage bins. This way, you can manage the space without compromising the look of your space.

15. Rolling Carts

Rolling Carts

When nothing works, rolling carts come to rescue you. These carts are easy to maintain, can be pulled anywhere, and are sufficient to hold many items. Find the rolling cart online at a lower price but look for the ones that sell good quality and match the aesthetic of your room as well. You can place them beside your bed to complete the look. You can place your alarm clock, a book you read before going to bed, or simply anything you want to keep in an organized manner.

16. Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket

You may often neglect and underestimate the need to have a laundry basket in your small bedroom. But trust us; it is the best investment you can ask for. Having a laundry basket in your space is one of the essential small bedroom organization ideas. You can purchase a straw basket that looks aesthetically pleasing and keep it below your table or a chair. And the next time, you do not have to worry about your laundry clothes lying around in your room.

17. Floor to Ceiling Closet

Floor to Ceiling Closet

If you are renovating your small space and looking for inspiration through which you can customize your small space into an effective space, then this idea is perfect for you. Introduce a floor-to-ceiling closet in the interior of your space, and it will turn out to be one of the most amazing small bedroom organization ideas. You can literally fit anything and everything in such a closet. A little suggestion keep the closet open to keep your stuff in front of your eyes, which will increase accessibility.

18. Ottoman-Come-Storage


How about having an ottoman that can also work as storage for you? Sounds interesting right? Indeed it is. Find an ottoman online that also serve the purpose of storing items like shoes, umbrella, or any other go-to item. This is one of the innovative bedroom storage organization ideas. A good leather ottoman that can add a luxurious feel along with a storage function is a win-win for your space.

19. Platform Bed with Shelves Built Below

Platform Bed with Shelves Built Below

You can never get enough shelves to keep your stuff organized. Shelves are your best friend when it comes to keeping your space mess-free. Build some extra shelves below your bed to create a functional space for keeping the things that you no longer use but do not wish to get rid of either. Such storage spaces and built-in platform beds can save a lot of money by not investing in fancy organizers. This is a superb idea if you have limited space but too many items to fit in.

20. Clothes Hanger Behind the Mirror

Clothes Hanger Behind the Mirror

Mirrors are the inseparable parts of your small bedroom. But have you ever thought of using the space left behind by those giant mirrors in an effective way? Probably you didn’t. Worry not; we’ve got you covered. You can install some hangers behind those big, aesthetic mirrors that take up a lot of space inside your room. This way, you can hide your mess behind the mirror without compromising the aesthetics of your room.

21. Floating Cube Shelves

Floating Cube Shelves

Last but not least on this list of small bedroom organization ideas are these floating cube shelves that look trendy, save space, are easy to install, and elevate the room’s overall appearance. You can choose any wood-crafted floating cube shelves for your wall, and they are perfect for storing minuscule items, pen-holder, books, clocks, and many more. Discover endless options online or visit your nearby store in your area to get your hands on this amazing storage solution called floating cube shelves to keep your space mess-free.


When it comes to storing items and making your space clutter-free, it is natural to freak out. And it is accepted that your struggle is real to find a perfect solution to make your space organized without losing its aesthetical appeal. But we have tried our best to provide you with some of the best storage ideas through this article that can help to de-clutter your space.

In this list of 21 ways to organize a small bedroom, we hope you find something that will work for you and apply to your space. These bedroom organization ideas are perfect for you if you are looking for budget-friendly, easy-to-implement, and aesthetically pleasing storage options.

If you find our ideas helpful in any way, then do not forget to comment down below.

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