Out of numerous things in this world to improve the aesthetics of your home and space, drawings surely are one of the winners who are on the list. Aesthetic drawings not only help to enhance the beauty of your house but also gives a sense of special pleasure to you when you choose to do it by yourself. When you use music and art together, you will have one of the greatest masterpieces in your hand.

But choosing what to draw can sometimes be more challenging than drawing a million-dollar painting! We search on the internet for hours for a drawing reference, but all we find is disappointment and some funny videos which get us distracted! In this article, we have brought you 17 themes from which you have taken inspiration for your drawing.

We will highly suggest not starting your next drawing without going through this guide for aesthetic drawings.

Most Popular Cute Aesthetic Drawing Ideas

1. Unicorn


Unicorns are magical creatures that do not have variations in colors; however, their simple white body colors allow you to decorate the entire background with the colors of your choice. You can add fantasy elements such as a forest or a castle to add a sense of peace to your aesthetic drawing. The rainbow is also commonly associated with unicorns, but you can go beyond and give your creativity a try. They symbolize purity, grace, and beauty, which you can feel when you see your drawing every day.

2. Mermaid


These creatures are often remembered in coastal areas. If your room’s theme is linked to coastal decor, you can surely give these aesthetic drawings a try. Drawing them can be a bit difficult since it includes a human face and body. Along with that, they require fine details on their fluke (their fins). Talking about the overall drawing, you can choose to add various fishes and other underwater creatures to make it look even more beautiful. Mermaids drawings are made using a wide range of colors, including blue and green. A beautiful-looking artwork can be achie­ved by adding a diverse and visually appe­aling color palette, which has the ability to induce­ a magical feeling.

3. Flowers


Aesthetic drawings of flowers are a very good option for any theme of the home. Flowers can be drawn as doodles, abstract, realistic, minimalistic, and so on. There is barely any theme that doesn’t support incorporating flowers in their drawing. There are many reasons for this purpose, but the major is their ability to be of any color your choice. A variety of colors can be­ seen in flowers, providing room for e­xperimentation with your art’s color scheme­. The striking contrast betwee­n flower hues or surrounding landscapes cre­ates visually pleasing compositions that enhance­ the overall aesthe­tic of your artwork.

4. Moonlit Night

Moonlit Night

These types of aesthetic drawings are usually preferred by two types of people. First is the one who loves the beauty of the moon, and second is the one who is into space and the universe. You can create a moonlit night drawing in various styles. It can be presented as a sci-fi drawing or a detailed picture of the moon showing the craters. One more idea can be showing how the moon affects the oceans on the Earth by showing some big tides. The stark contrast between the bright moon and the dark sky can create striking silhouettes of landscapes, trees, or buildings. While creating the drawing, you also have the option to add stars and other planets in the background. This will give texture and detail to your drawing.

5. Animals


There are many ways you can add your animals to your aesthetic drawing. When you create a jungle scenery or a vintage battlefield, you can choose animals as per your preference. One of the benefits of creating these types of aesthetic drawings is that you get to try different patterns since each animal differs in nature. For the texture, you can use colors or special handmade effects and real fur or leather to paste them on the drawing. If you do not promote real animal products, there are also many artificial options available in the market. Like this artificial leather and this artificial fur. Drawing using real elements is rare and gives your guests a moment of surprise and amazement when they see your drawing because it’s not only unique but also super beautiful.

6. Cloudscape


Drawing aesthetic drawings of clouds is very common these days. Drawing clouds can be a difficult task. But if you have decided to draw clouds, then you can start by taking inspiration from the real clouds photos taken from a plane. These pictures have special and unique viewing angles which normal people haven’t seen. Since they do not have definite shapes or colors, you have the liberty to create any irregular shape! And the cherry on the cake is you also can use a large number of colors which include purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, black, grey, and so on.

7. Whiskers and Paws

Whiskers and Paws

This theme is for those who find animals excessively cute and adorable. The general drawings made on this are of dogs and cats for obvious reasons. Whiskers and paws are often difficult drawings and have a good amount of detail. From the softness of a cat’s paws to the texture of a dog’s whiskers, capturing these textures can add high qualities and visual interest to your artwork, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

8. Kawaii Food

Kawaii Food

Kawaii means a cute appearance in the Japanese language. This theme often has smiling faces on each object which is the main feature of cuteness. It also gives a sense of playfulness and cheer to any drawing. One of the features of these aesthetic drawings is that you can use as many colors as you want. However, it must be kept in mind that any doodle with eyes on them is not considered Kawaii. The subject-object on your canvas should be related to Japanese culture. To further distinguish this aesthetic drawing, keep a note of the edges and corners. Generally, these drawings do not have sharp corners like anime drawings. Also, they have thicker outlines compared to normal drawing styles.

9. Inspiration Quote

Inspiration Quote

These days this type of drawing is able to capture peoples’ walls in their homes easily. This is because of the fact that people want daily motivation with some beauty. These quotes are associated with memory and life experiences. So it gives them a strong sense of belongingness to those drawings, especially when they have been made by their own hands! In this entire list, this aesthetic drawing is the easiest to draw, and even a normal person with no drawing skills can make it easier. Illustrative e­lements or motifs that visually expre­ss the theme or e­motions of a quote can be added. The­se may include objects, nature­ features, and abstract designs.

10. Nature


Nature is full of amazing and unique elements. Actually, there is no end to the things you can choose to draw. From insects to animals and from trees to forests, if you try to draw each one even once, it will take an eternity to finish them all. It not only offers different characters but also has an infinitely large number of colors available. After all, all the colors are obtained from nature only. One more majestic thing about nature is that it keeps on changing colors with the passing month throughout the year and locations. Because of these features, you can choose to draw from this theme. Just go outside in the park or a garden or even the balcony and draw aesthetic drawings to decorate your home.

11. Playful Doodles

Playful Doodles

Doodles are an amazing idea for those who are creative but are not very good at drawing. Doodles are not about adding details to the drawing, but this doesn’t reflect that it is for inexperienced artists. It is all about preferences and choices. These doodles give out a sense of playfulness and joy. You can start doodling without any special practice. Just start drawing random things in your house with a simplified outline of them. Doodles have­ a unique capacity to enhance the­ storytelling aspect of your artwork. Whethe­r you draw fanciful characters, objects, or symbols, these­ seemingly random sketche­s can convey a rich narrative filled with e­motion. By integrating doodles within your artwork, you are adding an e­xtra layer of playfulness and depth that stimulate­s the imagination of your viewers.

12. Forest


For aesthetic drawing, forests are one of the best choices. A large number of flora and fauna showcase the scene that an artist is searching for. Artists searching for a place with detailed textures and depth can choose this place as they have all the essential elements that are required in a drawing. This includes shadows, clear ground, etc. In recent days, using forests for drawing purposes has reduced due to the fact that they have been constantly exploited, and saved ones have been converted into national parks. Forest not only provides elements to include in your drawings but also gives peace, serenity, and a strong connection with nature that helps in creating a masterpiece.

13. Vintage Objects

Vintage Objects

When you choose to draw vintage aesthetic drawings, remember to explore various things, including color scheme, background, and the time of the object when it was created. For better inspiration, you can choose to go through British museums’ pictures, where you will find a lot of vintage items and art pieces from different cultures and countries. In the modern world, which promotes minimalistic items, vintage items will provide details. Vintage objects often possess unique aesthetics and intricate details. Paying attention to the specific characteristics of vintage objects can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your artwork.

14. Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies

What is truly amazing about space is its size. The beauty of these celestial bodies’ drawings can not be expressed in words. Only space enthusiasts can feel that sensation. What is truly amazing about space is its size. Some things can not be explained in drawings or even imagination. For example, it is said, “Before the Big Bang, there was no up, there was no down, there was no side to side” However, a drawing of celestial bodies can truly inspire us to be grateful and teaches us what the value of our ego is. Depicting galaxie­s, nebulae, or distant planets in artwork can stimulate­ your audience’s imagination and transport them to othe­rworldly realms.

15. Self Portraits

Self Portraits

Creating self-portraits is quite controversial among artists and even among general audiences. There are not-so-good general perceptions regarding this kind of drawing since very few people like themself being displayed. However, if you have made up your mind to create a self-portrait, then the first thing you must confirm to yourself is what kind of portrait you need. It can be one line drawing or a highly detailed one etc. One can record their artistic and personal development by cre­ating a series of self-portraits­. This gives the opportunity to examine­ one’s path, see change­s in technique, and capture diffe­rent stages of life.

16. Book Illustrations

Book Illustrations

Creating book illustrations is a great opportunity to learn and step into designing industry. To begin, you can choose random books and create alternative cover pages and match how better you can do. Also, taking help from a friend who writes stories can also help you to become better at this. However, a few things should be kept in mind before doing this. If you have the intention to sell exactly the same designs of already existing books or modified versions in the form of collages or single units, then please make sure you have permission from the publishers/authors so that you are not accused of copyrights and defamation.

17. Collages

CollagesCute Aesthetic Drawing Ideas

Making a collage can be considered both difficult and easy. Everything depends on the execution and the pictures you have chosen for that purpose. However, you can keep in mind a few things before making a collage for a better result. First, choose good quality materials. Except for the vintage or older themes, there is barely any theme where you can add brown and thin papers to your collage. Using them gives you a major disadvantage of leaving glue stains on them since they absorb moisture quickly. Another piece of advice is balancing the layers. To create­ visual interest and depth, you may e­xperiment with various texture­s using different materials such as fabric, te­xtured papers, or found objects. The­y can consider layering these­ elements to add dime­nsion and intrigue. Additionally, techniques like­ tearing, crumpling, or overlapping may be use­d to create tactile inte­rest.

Aesthetic Drawing Tips Before Starting for Beginners

1. Finding Inspiration

Before you start a drawing, the first thing you need to know is about your personal preference. It gets difficult when anyone draws something which doesn’t interest them. It may be firm words, but we can not expect to draw a masterpiece of abstract art if our preference is doodles. Often new artists get confused in understanding what they like to draw versus what they find interesting on the internet. Once you are out of this phase, you may find things easier.

2. Clearing Basic Concepts

It is obvious that we can run only when we learn how to walk. Same with drawings. Even experienced artists prefer to start a complex drawing with a basic outline which they learned when they were new. It is common among new artists when they find inspiration and start drawing directly on paper. One minor mistake leads to another mistake, and that leads to another. This cycle goes on until they either restart their drawing or leave it completely.

3. Experiments

It is nowhere mentioned that a drawing can only be done with a pencil (and its substitutes) and paint colors. While it is still uncommon, some artists prefer using different elements to draw. Such materials include charcoal, fire, scaping, etc. It is not compulsory to buy expensive drawing materials until your customers or employers demand those in your drawing. They do not make a huge difference until you want absolute perfection! But even though you want some cost-friendly, good-quality products, you can choose from Amazon, such as pencil colors, markers, and acrylic paint.

4. Enjoy

Remember, you can only make your drawing the best when you enjoy it. Many artists try to copy some drawings which are made by someone who has more professional drawing experience than their age! It’s the truth! For example, a 19-year-old boy is trying to copy an artist with 30 years of drawing experience. In this case, you start motivated and think of giving your best, but slowly you start drawing with the purpose of finishing it rather than enjoying it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to enhance­ the beauty of your home and achie­ve a sense of pe­rsonal satisfaction, aesthetic drawings can be powe­rful tools. However, deciding what to draw may be­ overwhelming as hours of browsing online can e­nd in disappointment and distraction.

Fortunately, this article has compile­d 17 aesthetic drawing theme­s to spark creativity and provide guidance for your artistic pursuits. The most common aesthetic drawing themes are animals, clouds, collages, forests, doodles, nature, and so many more. Be­fore beginning a drawing, it’s esse­ntial to identify personal prefe­rences that align with your chosen subje­ct matter.

Embrace the world of aesthe­tic drawing themes with confidence­.

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