Watercolors are cool and easy to spread on sheets and canvas. But can it be used by beginners to paint without creating a mess? If you are thinking of painting masterpieces at the start, the last thing you want is to give up on the easy watercolor paintings.

So watercolor paintings are easy to prepare? Watercolors are beginner friendly and easiest to handle when you are just starting. Mix and paint over the already-painted area to create textures, shades, and patterns without wasting much color and time.

We have covered a lot of ideas, from painting the shooting stars to the cactus, from the moon to the street light, from cloud doodling to painting tops of trees, from watercolor pebbles to abstract art, and much more.

In this post, we have covered 21 ideas for easy watercolor paintings that can help you to kick-start your watercolor painting journey.

1. Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

To prepare the shooting stars watercolor painting, you will need a thick brush to paint the background as the sky and a thin brush to create the stars. Use tape to cover the boundaries if you don’t want to color the complete sheet with watercolor. Now paint the background with blue or black to make it a sky.

Pick up the thin brush and use white and light yellow colors to create the stars. Use line brush strokes with white watercolor and a thin brush to make the shooting effects in the sky. And your shooting stars watercolor painting is ready.

2. Tree Tops

Tree Tops

To prepare the tree – tops, paint curved lines in the bottom half of your painting sheet. Paint the above area with blue or sky blue color. Paint the below area with green and light green colors to make them like tree tops. You can create some small strokes of green color to bring shades and density to the tree tops. You can paint birds with black watercolor on a thin paintbrush by moving it in the shape of a V alphabet.

Use light and darker shades of green and yellow to make the watercolor painting of the top trees realistic. You can paint several curves inside the green area and highlight the tree tops with a darker green color.

3. Clouds


Doodling the clouds lets you create the cloud easy watercolor paintings in various ways. You can use the faintest tone of blue or gray color to start painting the clouds.

You can partition the cloud into two, three, four, or even more shapes with the help of inner curved lines and their way of designing. Paint the cloud with blue or gray watercolor and a thick paintbrush.Use the thin paintbrush to highlight the curved lines and outlines for different patterns in the watercolor cloud doodling.

4. Path Easy Watercolor Paintings

Path Easy Watercolor Paintings.jpg

Drawing or painting a path doesn’t require much effort. Just draw a line to create the partition of landscape and sky. And paint a wavy line in the landscape area with black or brown color to make it the path.

Use the brush strokes to streak and give a three-dimensional look to the landscape. Paint small curved edges along the road to make it realistic. You can also create the path in different settings, such as sunrise or sunset. For this, you have to paint the sun in the sky part and paint the yellow and orange color layers around it.

5. Watercolor Pebbles

Watercolor Pebbles

Draw pebbles of different shapes and sizes with the help of a pencil in light touch on the painting sheet. You can use a masking fluid before using the watercolor to create the uncolored spots and areas on the pebbles. Wait until it becomes dry on the painting sheet. Or you can also use the thick white watercolor after painting the pebbles to create the same effect.

Take the thick brush and start painting the pebbles with different colors like gray, black, brown, deep blue, red, and yellow. Use different shades of colors to create a natural look in the watercolor painting. Use darker shades to outline the pebbles and fainter shades of gray to create the shadows and illusion of the three dimensions painting.

6. Abstract Art

Abstract Art

If you want to prepare a colorful watercolor painting with minimal effort, then abstract art is worth trying. Think about a few simple patterns and shapes, pick up the paintbrush, dip in the watercolor, and start painting on the canvas or the painting sheet. Use different colors to create different patterns and add textures. Repeat this in your complete painting sheet. Your abstract art easy watercolor paintings will be ready within a few minutes.

The best thing about abstract art is that you can freely paint the pattern and strokes without following specific guidelines. For instance, you can paint the vertical layers in a complete sheet or the horizontal one. You can paint the semicircle or waves with repeated patterns.

7. Boat Easy Watercolor Paintings

Boat Easy Watercolor Paintings

Creating the boat scene is worth trying if you want to add an adventurous effect to your watercolor painting. Draw the outlines of the boat with the help of a pencil. Start from a long vertical triangle, and draw two more similar triangles adjacent to it to create the wind flow curtain of the boat. Draw a boat beneath these triangle shapes by creating a long oval shape and extending the line strokes below it to make the outer body of the boat float in the water.

Pick the blue watercolor in the thick paintbrush and start painting the sheet. Paint a straight, deep horizontal line to prepare the sky and the water. You can add the touch of various colors in the sky with thick paint strokes like yellow or orange near the horizon. White or pink above it and in the middle of the sky and darker shades on the top of the sky by creating the ombre effect. Finally, paint the boat with darker shades of blue and black color.

8. Simple Shapes

Simple Shapes

You can paint simple freestyle shapes, or you can slo take the help of a ruler and circular objects to create the outlines. Pick the thick paintbrush, dip it in any watercolor, and start painting on the drawing sheet.

You can paint a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, or other combines geometric shapes to make it more creative and alluring abstract art. You can also add the touch of gradient ad textures over these simple shapes to make it a beautiful watercolor painting.

9. Easy Watercolor Paintings Donut

Easy Watercolor Paintings Donut

To prepare the Donut with watercolor, draw the outlines of a circle with the help of a compass or a bangle. Create curved lines on the outer surface. Paint it with pink or purple watercolor with the help of a thick brush.

Paint the centermost part white to create a hollow space. Use brown or golden color to make it glossy by filling the outer small curved gaps and painting the rough circle of the inner part around the white color. Use two or three colors to leave small marks to give the finishing touch to your easy watercolor paintingsof Donut.

10. Cactus


Painting a cactus with watercolor will require a thick brush, and you must decide whether the paint color is green or black to pick the background area. If you will paint the cactus with black color, keep the background painted watercolor orange and yellow to make it a desert scene. If you select the green color to paint the cacti, you can paint the background light blue or even don’t paint it all.

To paint the cactus, take the desired watercolor with a thick brush and paint a straight vertical line. Paint the branches attached to this vertical line in a horizontal or L shape. For the green-colored cactus, you can paint small flowers in pink or red color over the top of the cactus with the thin brush by dragging it downwards when the hair of the brush spread fully.

11. Eggplant


For the watercolor painting of eggplant, the very first step you should do is draw it with the help of a pencil. To make it easier, draw a freestyle U alphabet in a longer shape. On top of it, draw a V shape in a reverse manner to make the head of the eggplant. Give it the finishing touch by making small petals on the eggplant head.

Now start painting it with a violet or blue color with a thick brush. Paint the top with the green color. To create the illusion of three-dimensional eggplant, use the white color in the thin brush and create a few inconsistent strokes near the outer lines to make it shiny and highlight the inner middle part to create the illusion of raised surface.

12. Watercolor Pineapple

Watercolor Pineapple

To paint the watercolor pineapple, start it drawing with a pencil. Dra a rough oval shape to make it the pineapple fruit. Adobe the top, create several curved lines giving them the shape of leaves spines. Use the ruler to make consistent horizontal lines on the pineapple fruit outline. Now draw the consistent lines on a particular angle to make several small rhombus boxes on the pineapple fruit.

You can paint these cross lines with the masked fluid so that they will highlight differently after the painting. Pick up the thin brush and green watercolor to paint the leaves over the pineapple fruit. Take the yellow watercolor to create the shades and texture in the leaves. Pick up the yellow color in the thick brush and start painting the pineapple fruit. You can paint the outlines and bottom of the pineapple fruit orange.

13. Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle Sticks

Watercolor Popsicle Sticks are easy to prepare. You can prepare the outlines with the help of a pencil and light strikes on the drawing sheet. Draw reverse U shapes or rectangles, semi cones, and close their openings with the horizontal baseline.

Create a small stick beneath the base. Start painting the popsicle sticks with yellow, red, pink, blue, or green watercolor with a thick paintbrush. Paint the vertical stick with yellow or a fainter shade of orange color. To make the popsicle sticks realistic and add the melting and three-dimensional touch by creating the texture effect by mixing similar shade colors like orange, yellow, red, green, and blue.

14. Moon Easy Watercolor Paintings

Moon Easy Watercolor Paintings

Paint the complete sheet with light blue or black color. Take the help of a circular thing like a bangle or compass to draw the moon, and paint the inside area with white, yellow, and orange to make it a vibrant moon according to your preferences.

To make it easier, you can use a small bangle. Place the bangle on the sheet where you want to paint the moon and paint the inside area with watercolor paint to make it the moon.

15. Streetlamp


You will need a ruler to paint straight lines to create a street lamp. Paint the background area blue or black depending on the view of the day or night you want to create. Take the black watercolor with the thin paintbrush, use the ruler, and paint a thin straight line to draw the stand of a street lamp.

Paint a rectangular box over it in white or yellow to make the illusion of glowing light. Paint the boundaries with black on a thin brush to make them distinct. Paint the area around the light with the faintest shade of yellow or make it lighter than the surrounding background area to create the illusion of lit-up glowing light.

16. Big Brush Strokes

Big Brush Strokes

The easiest and quickest way to make a watercolor painting is to opt for freestyle and big brush strokes. Pick up a thick paintbrush, select the green or black color, and start painting big strokes to create the patterns of leaves or flowers or anything you want to transfer on paper during the moment.

You can paint waves, curves, random lines, or any free-flow stroke with the help of a thick brush. To make it creative, use different colors and mix and match them so that your big brush strokes in watercolor painting turn out to be colorful.

17. Flowers in Vase

Flowers in Vase

Outline a bunch of flowers. You can create sunflowers, popsicles, or other flowers you consider easiest to draw. Draw the stems meeting at a similar point to create the illusion that they are tied together. Draw a semitone-shaped vase under the flowers or create a pot or rectangular shape around the stems.

Pick the paintbrush and watercolors like yellow, red, orange, and pink, and start painting the flowers. Paint the stem in green watercolor with a thin paintbrush. Paint the leaves and petals around the flowers to make the bunch of flowers in the way you want. For instance, you can paint thick leaves to make the part of the flowers light green color, or you can paint several small leaves to make it more colorful.

18. Easy Watercolor Paintings of Grass

Easy Watercolor Paintings of Grass

You can paint the grass with two different scenes, in the daylight and the moonlight. After painting the background with blue watercolor, use the thin paintbrush in green watercolor to make grass stems and the thin bushes to make the bunches of leaves around them.

If you want to paint the background like the full moon night view, paint it purple or orange. Use black to paint the grass instead of green, as described above. Paint the moon in the sky with the help of a thick brush in white watercolor.

19. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Draw an autumn leaf with the help of a pencil by repeating the pattern of the V alphabet in various ways. Use the thick paintbrush and yellow color to start painting it. Paint a leaf stem with an orange or brown color and a thin paintbrush with a stoke.

Paint the think lines in the darker shades of orange or brown to create the middle ribs of autumn leaves, and create small thin strokes on the outer outlines of leaves to make them creative and three-dimensional. You can also paint multiple autumn leaves like this to fill the painting sheet.

20. Dandelions


Take a thick brush in sky blue watercolor and paint the background to make the sky. Use the thin paintbrush and, with the help of a ruler, paint thin vertical stems of different heights at a consistent enough space.

Take the white watercolor in the thick brush and move it around to the circular shape on the top of the vertical paint lines to create the dandelions. You can use the faintest shade of color in the background around the dandelions for the finishing touch.

21. Colorful Background for Calligraphy

Colorful Background for Calligraphy

If you like calligraphy, these are easy watercolor paintings worth trying. Paint the colorful background by taking various colors, such as green, blue, yellow, orange, and red, one by one with the thick paintbrush. Merge the layers horizontally and vertically to make it a seamless abstract art piece.

Now think about a small message or quote you want to write over this in the calligraphy. For example: Do what makes you happy, or Smile please, etc. Pick up the thin paintbrush and start writing and painting the quote or message in calligraphy with a darker color, such as black, to create contrast.

Final Thoughts

Everybody needs a hobby to escape the stress of life, and watercolor painting is the easiest way to get creative and instant relaxation.

This post showed you 21 easy watercolor paintings for beginners that don’t require much practice or skills, and you can easily create them even when you have never done the painting before.

This post has covered easy watercolor paintings from the cloud doodling to big brush paint strokes, from a boat scene to popsicle sticks, from the street lamps to the moon watercolor painting, and flowers in the jar to colorful backgrounds for the calligraphy and much more.

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